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​How to be an entrepreneur the halal way

By Amna Anwaar

If you want to start a new venture, this guide will help lead you to success.

Becoming an ‘entrepreneur’ has become quite the rage these days and rightly so. What could be better than being your own boss? What could be better than running your own enterprise and following your own rules? Nothing, I would imagine. If you have the idea, the passion, the drive and endless motivation to see your idea materialize into something concrete, you possess the makings of a successful entrepreneur. It is important to remember that success, in this world and the Hereafter, is Allah’s (SWT) to give to whomsoever He wishes.

Here are a few simple steps and reminders for Muslim entrepreneurs to kick-start their successful and productive entrepreneurial journey:

Start your business with the right intention
More than just the act, the intention behind the act is what matters in the eyes of Allah (SWT). As a Muslim entrepreneur, it is important that you possess good and pure intentions before venturing into the domain of entrepreneurship and starting something of your own. Ask yourself: is the motive behind your venture geared towards bringing about a positive change in the world or is your motive associated with engaging in immoral and illegal acts? One must be conscious of the fact that each and every one of us will have to reap the consequences of our actions in this world and in the Hereafter. Good intentions always incur great blessings: remember that!

Seek Allah’s (SWT) guidance: make Dua
You should make it a habit to ask for Allah’s (SWT) guidance in all of your business matters. Every time there is a tough decision at hand or there is something to plan, you should ask for Allah’s (SWT) direction, for nothing happens without His knowledge and command. Dua is a weapon for the believer and Allah (SWT) never forsakes those who call upon Him and rely on His wisdom. Always ask Allah (SWT) to push you in the direction that is better for you and your business, and keep you away from anything that is not good for you or your business.

Excellent character
As Muslims, we are required to be the best versions of ourselves. A Muslim entrepreneur must showcase excellence and impeccability in his/her character when it comes to all business dealings; one must be honest, responsible, merciful, humble, compassionate, generous and steadfast in his/her word. A Muslim must lead by example. Rather than just preaching goodness and honesty, a Muslim must practice it himself/herself first.

Hard work and dedication

Nothing can be achieved in this world, or the Hereafter for that matter, without hard work and dedication. The purpose of this life is not for us to have constant enjoyment and relaxation but it is to accept that life is a constant struggle, for which one must work hard to achieve the end goal i.e. Paradise. Just like our success in the next life is dependent on our hard work towards being a good Muslim in this world, achieving success in this world is also dependent on the level of hard work and dedication we put into whatever we do. Allah (SWT) has equipped His servants with all the tools needed to achieve success and encourages us to do the best we can, in whatever we do, and leave the rest to Him. The outcome is not in our control, that is only in Allah’s (SWT) hands, but the level of hard work we put into what we want in life is in our control. Hence, to attain something in this life, we must give it all we have and then leave the results to the Best of Planners. Hard work never goes to waste and Allah (SWT) promises great rewards for His dedicated servants.

Do not give up
Everything in this world has its ups and its downs, including (especially) entrepreneurial ventures. As Muslims, Allah (SWT) reassures us that if we remain steadfast in our work and continue to work hard without giving up, Allah (SWT) will always come to our aid. A Muslim entrepreneur must believe that whatever happens, happens because it is the Will of Allah (SWT). Hence, one must remain firm in faith (faith in Allah’s (SWT) aid and His plans for us) and never give up. During difficult times, God besieges His servants to have Sabr (patience) and Tawakkal; those are the true qualities of a believer. It is firm faith and undeterring Sabr, which makes a Muslim entrepreneur unstoppable against the world!


A Muslim entrepreneur must be, above all, righteous. I reiterate, success is in the hands of Allah (SWT) and He chooses to give it to whomsoever He wishes, hence, all we can do is try to follow a path that is pleasing to Him and do the best we can whilst placing our whole trust in Allah (SWT) – that is the true recipe for success!


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