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​Reality of Life 

By ABIDEEN, Muhammed Ayomide 
I spent a lot of years of cold feet, 

I innocently rummaged the congested space,

Adamantly finding reality of life 

Dashing randomly like a floating canoe

Tears and sweats literally spark my skin

And reality of life downed on me.

My formaly closed eyes were left agape, 

Ostensibly, the thrust is to trust life, 

Of prodigy and prodigal of experience 

And I unilaterally became the son of reality,

At the top sky, 

I saw fake fact laying helplessly 

The sky is not smiling but frowning 

Youths around are groaning,

Loudly and clearly, 

The world no longer struggle but fumble, 

The bitter truth sat comfortably within my heart.

Then I remembered the advice of leaders; 

You are the architect of your success.

The reality of life is like a bad – death 

It is all about inevitable struggle 

You must fight hundred battles to eat a meal, 

Yet, tomorrow silver is not even certain 

Not to talk of keeping many golds 

One must wear determination to strive judiciously. 

Living in the cave of “hope and fear”

Tough and trial times are the norms and custom 

Indeed, success comes with struggle

Now, I found the reality of life

Striving for success is the key!


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