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10 dangerous things that Muslim husbands are doing

🌾 A husband that leaves his wife all the time saying he’s going out to call people to Islam using months, years without being concerned about the wife’s feeling.

🌾 A husband that’s money addicted the only thing he cares about is work once he drop money he doesn’t have to spend time with the wife again. Be careful she didn’t marry your money she married you.

🌾 A husband that is never ready to listen to the wife’s advice, his decision is always the best. Be careful man, you can’t be wise all the time.

🌾 A husband that is never ready to take the wife out on free days saying she’s now using “Niqab”. Man! that Niqab doesn’t turn her to a cripple. She can still go out.

🌾 A husband that always complain whenever his wife make mistake{s}. Always remember that only Allah is perfect, mistakes make us realize we are humans.

🌾 A husband that is never ready to help her wife in domestic works. I’m a man, I paid your dowry, I can’t be doing a woman’s work. Man! Don’t be surprise if suddenly come back from work and can’t find her. Body no be firewood. She’s a human she needs assistance.

🌾 A husband that is never ready for her wife’s family. Remember in Islam once you marry her you married her responsibilities with her.

🌾 A man that always force his wife to have sex with her. Remember the prophet said: Never have sex with your wife without messages {I.e kisses, hug, romance} you can’t just come from work and be expecting sex, she’s not a prostitute, and if you do all these and she’s not playing along don’t force her. Try to control it!

🌾 A man that is never ready to chat with his wife, remember you couldn’t drop your phone for one second when she was your spouse -to- be, how you do spend her love messages, spend time with her, buy her gifts and so on. Don’t stop it, still be treating her as your wife -to -be.

🌾A man that always bring his friend to his matrimonial home all the time to eat, your house isn’t a restaurant be careful.



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