The Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit (MSSN Lagos) has urged Nigerians to consider the new Islamic year as an opportunity to rewrite the challenging historical occurrences in the country.

The Amir (President) of the MSSN in Lagos State, Saheed Ashafa, said this in a message to Muslims over the 1438AH Islamic year.

Among the historical challenges highlighted by Ashafa are security, economy, disrespect for court judgements vis-a-vis judiciary and inconsistent educational policies.

He explained that ‎hijrah should serve as a reminder for Muslims to intensify their good deeds, noting that everyone is accountable to Allah.

Ashafa asked Muslims not to be deterred by the current challenges, especially victimisation of students for wearing hijab in schools.

He said, ” ‎Hijrah of the prophet was a milestone in the lives of the early Muslims and impactful on the generality of mankind. It came after a demonstration of sincere commitment and firm rooted perseverance on the path of the truth. Hence, as Nigerians, Muslim students, we should rewrite history by enduring the present day challenges that come our way in the process of practising our religion, including those that are socio-economical.

“The on-going persecution of hijab-wearing Muslim students in various public schools in Lagos State is not unexpected but only reminds us of the age-long hatred that has always combat the truth. Surely, the truth shall always prevail.”

Regardless of the challenges, Ashafa urged Nigerians, especially Muslim students not to take laws into their hands.

He, however, expressed disappointment with agents of the Lagos State Government betraying the existing religious tolerance in the state.

He said, ‎”It should be on record that only few tutor-generals, principals, teachers and other employees of the LASG have stopped threatening, beating and victimising our female members for wearing hijab despite the court verdict.

“However, w‎e urge our members to remain resolute and firm on their faith. We advise those violating the court judgement that declared the constitutionality of using hijab to get prepared for legal process to be instituted against them.”

He subsequently admonished Muslims to reflect on the circumstances that surrounded hijrah of the Prophet (SAW) and earlier companions.

He added, “As Muslim students,  we must always profess the ethics of our religion in all our endeavours. We must uphold the highest level of morality to convince others that Islam is a complete way of life. Honesty, discipline, humility, kindness, forgiveness, love and mercy among others are some of the virtues that we should demonstrate all the time as worthy Muslim students. 

“We must always be conscious do away with vices and unworthy characters. Doing these, will be the true meaning of hijrah as demonstrated by the Prophet (SAW).”

The Muslim students’ leader called on government at all levels to reappraise various ‎approaches that are not working for the progress of the country.

“Many things still need improvement in the country. We should not do things the same way and expect ‎different result. Government at all levels really need to be proactive in addressing the challenges facing the country, as it affects the masses more,” he added.

Amir (President),
Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria,
Lagos State Area Unit  
Twitter: @MSSNLagos  YouTube: MSSNLagos
4th Floor 
161, Herbert Macaulay way, 
Ebute – Metta, 
Yaba, Lagos, 

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