By Mariam Adeoti

OBESITY is identified as one of the serious, chronic health problems in the world. It’s generally caused by imbalance between energy-in and energy-out. Energy-in is the consumption of high amounts of energy particularly in sugary and fatty foods while energy-out is the energy you burn-off through exercise and physical activity; physical activities such as jogging,cycling.

Today, many people consume excessive amounts of cheap, high-calorie diet and spend little time on exercise and physical activity. The excess energy is stored by human body as fat.

Research has shown that adults should engage in at least 150 minutes of activities such as swimming,walking,every week. The time can be broken into smaller periods.

The following are few factors that causes weight gain:

•Alcohol: Alcohol contains a lot of calories, people who drink heavily are often overweight.

•Sugar: Excess sugar consumed in drinks and foods contribute to weight gain,It changes hormones and biochemistry of human body.

•Reliance on processed foods: These foods are more available and cheaper than a balanced diet. Though,they taste good,last longer that we just can’t do without them. Most processed foods are not natural.

•Genetics: Genes are among the major influencers of weight gain. Children of obese parents are much more likely to be obese than lean parents. However,obesity is not completely determined by our genes. Obesity was a rare phenomena in African society until their contact with western world where consumption of processed food is the order of the day.

•Certain medications: Some pharmaceutical drugs can have weight gain as its side effects. Examples include diabetes medications,schizophrenia, antipsychotics etc.

Being obese can increase your risk of developing many serious health conditions and also difficulties with some daily activities.

•Increased sweating.
•High blood pressure.
•Type-two diabetes.
•Reduced fertility.
•Liver disease and Kidney disease.

Compiled by: MARIAM ADEOTI

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