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[READ] 2019 WHD: Zafaran Adeniyi’s open letter on hijab

Dear Islaam,

As-Salaam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakaatuh.

Oh Islaam, I need to really ask Allah to forgive me. For my hesitation and procrastination to uphold your Hijaab. Oh Allah! Astaghfiruk. My fancies beguiled me.

Oh Islaam, should I not share my experience with others? I really need to because some persons are still wallowing in the life I lived which I later regretted. I will start with my conclusion before I give my details. It was hell living without Hijaab. I discovered paradise under Hijaab. What do I mean?

The day I willingly embraced Hijaab was a turning point in my life. Oh! What a wonderful day? My first joy was that, I didn’t give anybody anything to look at and that I have released myself from the bondage of the swinging pendulum of the fashion industry.

Dear Islaam, I realized that my body is my personal business, hence nobody is to tell me how I should look or whether or not I am beautiful. There is indeed more to me than that.

Oh Islaam, when I found you, I really felt that I once had been blind but then I saw, had been lost, but then was found. No one has the right to ask me to be less than what I am, simply no one.

It’s really lovely that I belong to Islaam. My Hijaab makes me happy. It is a manifestation of my faith and a sign of my obedience to Allah . Yaa Allah, thank you for your guidance on me. I did not need to utter beliefs, the Hijaab stated them clearly for all to see, especially fellow Muslims and thus it helped to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood in Islaam.

My Hijaab reminds people who see it that Allah  exists, and it serves as a constant reminder to me that I conduct myself as a Muslim. Just as police officers are professionally aware while in uniform, So I had stronger sense of being a Muslim wearing Hijaab. This has been my enlightened cum personal experience about Hijaab.

Alas! There is a problem. Most of my sisters either do not wear the Hijaab at all or have succeeded in merely putting something on their body. What an understandable pity! I was once in their shoes. Then, nothing prevents me from embracing Hijaab but my ignorance of my disobedience to Allah , who has enjoined. Whereas, the mere fact that He enjoins it suffices as a fundamental reason not to act otherwise.

Another reason for my failure was the tensed fear of the discomfort it will impose on me, whereas the opposite is the case. My thought for refusal then also had to do with the heat I’ll have to suffer, but alas, the hell of Jahannam is blazingly hotter. Moreso, people even wear suites under the scorching sun for the reasons best known to them in this world. Why then should I find it difficult, I asked my self, from wearing the only recommended uniform by Allah  for the wise women as one of prerequisites for entering Al-Jannah.

I later had a soft spot for Hijaab, but there was another barrier. How will my friends see me…a fanatic, local girl, uncivilized. I was afraid of being odd in their company.

Allah guided me. My mind tilted to admonition. I read a book about it. Then, I resolved to please my Creator alone and forget about the unknown bearing in mind that when I get to the bridge, Allah  will make it possible for me to cross.

Any sister who fails to adopt the correct Hijaab is only satisfying her personal desires. She may ask these questions: Why am I not using it? Is it not a fundamental commandment of Allah (SWT) on the Muslim women? Whom do I please by not using it? What will be my fate for not using it in the hereafter?

Oh Islaam, my journey to Hijaab was a blessing. I plead with you my dear sister, as you read my letter that you have a change of heart, free your mind, be ready for the challenge, leave all trivial and personal considerations behind you. Embrace the Hijaab now and not tomorrow as it may be too late. I can assure you that you will never regret doing so, but if you refuse, your regret will know no bound in the next world. You must however let your good character of Islaam speak louder than your dressing.

Yours in Islaam,

Dr Zafaran Adeniyi


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