My journey and Abdullah Faisal by Kabir Al Asfar

I recently saw a post with the news item that Abdullah Faisal has been arrested, this time around at the request of the United States government, apparently, as expected, for terror related offences.



The post brought back memories of the great influence he was once had on me, when he came to Nigeria the first time, he had something like a superstar treatment, he was taken all over the country, with celebrity treatment, I know of two sisters who told me they fell in love with him, there probably are more, he just seems to make them giddy. Perhaps it was the accent ,or the fact that the guy was from the United Kingdom, he was Sunnee, seemed knowledgeable, any how he did gain that acceptance.


I didn’t meet him at that first coming but I got loads of his tapes , for whatever reason I was hooked on them, the ones I played over and over again were the exceptionally violent ones:
Fiqhul Jihad vol 1&2
The devil’s deception of the 21st century house niggers.


I imbibed the takfeer too, it may sound unbelievable now that I’m a ‘soft madkhalee’ but I used to do takfeer of not only the Saudi monarchy but also the scholars. At a point I started visiting the jihadi website which has tawheed in its name, this was were I got acquainted with Abu Muhammad Al maqdasee, I later got to know Abu Qatadah Al Filistinee , Abu Hamza of Finsbury mosque, you see because of my background in jihadee Dawah I don’t buy the Zionists are responsible for ISIS narrative, I knew so much about these people back then.


If I look back and ask what made me leave this evil ànd misguided ideology, I would say Allah’s guidance, I just had these special coincidences happening to me. Two, I was hooked on seeking knowledge then and was very open to debate, you see the latter will destroy any jihadee ie seeking knowledge, when they indoctrinate people they look for young zealous youths who know VERY little about their faith then they build walls around that person and the scholars.


The first takfeer I dropped was of that of Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen, I only read his explanations on bayqooniyyah and said to myself ” man, this man can’t be a kafir “.



In rapid succession I got a WAMY pamphlet talking about the conditions of takfeer, I read a handout written by a group of scholars just after the Khobar bombings refuting the arguments put forward for its justification.
The best of them all was my stay in Kaduna , I met two distinguished students of knowledge who had just finished from Madinah Shaykhs Nasir Busairi, Muhammad Auwal Yunus, I didn’t hide my position of takfeering the governments and they debated me very patiently for a period of six months after which I was rendered “evidenceless” , I read رفع الملام at that period and Shaykh Nasir gave me Albani’s tape من هو كافر، من هو مبتدع
” who is the kafir, who’s the heretic”
In a way I have never forgotten the lessons of that period my respect extended from these two individuals, to any product of jaamiatu madinah (I learnt otherwise later ànyway). They weren’t like you’re takfeeri man, khaarijee , off with you!


Shaykh Albani’s tape remains responsible for my decision to take a very hard stance against takfeer and tabdee, it’s going to take overwhelming evidence to make me declare anyone a mubtadi.



When I met Abdullah Faisal finally after his release from belmarch prisons, in Nigeria again of course, I met him as an opponent, a seasoned and more matured opponent though, believe me I met him twice and twice he avoided debate with me. As I was about to write this I checked again his email address which he stamped on my book asking me to make my points via email. The second time it was at a mosque and again he avoided a debate in fact my question/request was read last , I had asked in Arabic, we want to debate with you your takfeer of Shaykh Ibn Baaz , and Faisal’s response ? He said : Allah knows best !!! I was shocked since I had heard him just two weeks before declare Ibn Baaz and Qaradawee kuffar.

I remember one of his students saying he was disappointed in his teacher, this same student, also from the UK was once sited in a boko haram camp, see why I don’t buy conspiracy theories that much?



Abdullah Faisal spread hate and heresy and at 53 he’s facing another prospect of time in jail, a long time perhaps.

May Allah guide us and …
May we not be misguided after guidance has come to us.

-Kabir Al Asfar

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