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After 16 years, OAU inaugurates new MSSN executives

Ade Kunle, Osun

THE new executives of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University branch were officially inaugurated on Friday, August 12.

The inauguration took place at the Central Mosque of the institution after Jumaat prayer.

The iWitness NG gathered that MSSN in OAU have been operated by alleged Salafiyah group who refused to align with the higher hierarchy of MSSN both at central branch, Area council, Area Unit and national level for over 10 years.

It was learnt that the Salafiyah group said they could not operate with the Bye-Law of MSSN, arguing that the law was against the Qur’an and Sunnah.

“They said the bye-law of MSSN is against Sunnah and kitaab and we told them to create their own group with their preferred law but they refused. I advised them to reconcile first and then make case for amendment but they rather said we are saying ‘nonsense’,” the Imam of OAU Central Mosque said.

According to reports, such inauguration held last in OAU around year 2000.

“The Salafiyah group who protested and fought inside the central mosque with the aim of disrupting the inauguration has been stampeding such moves,” an official told the students.

The inaugurated executives have been operating for over two months and have participated in major activities of Zonal MSSN.

Among the programmes was the National Higher Institutions Conference of Muslim Students (NHICOMS).

Giving his acceptance speech, the MSSN OAU Amir, Abdulhakeem Idowu, prayed to Allah to guide the new executives.

He assured the students that they would be carried along in all activities of the MSSN OAU.

Among the notable individuals and associations present or represented were: National Amir of MSSN, Chairman of the University of Ife Muslim Graduates Association (UINFEMGA) muslim students across Nigeria and the generality of OAU.


  1. Alhamdulillahi for the success recorded. May Almighty Allah be with the new executives in carrying out their duties.

  2. Alihamdulillahi that common sense prevails in the long run. May Allah reward those who made it possible handsomely (Amin). The issue of OAU MSSN has been a long story to the extent that some elders of the association warned their wards not to associates with the society. A lot of people tried at one time or the other to resolve it but to no avail. I sincerely hope that much needed peace will now return to OAU Muslim Ummah. Allah will guilde the new Exco alright in the discharge of their duty (Amin).
    Alh. Akinwande Lukman

    • Comment: I believe this collaboration between leaders of MSSN and OAU Muslim community to impose leaders of their choice will not last. (Ohun to pawon po naa ni aa tuwon ka. Abosi pawon po won dore, rikisi pawon po won a dota, ohun to pawon po ni a tuwon ka).

      All I know is that everybody will pay for his contribution towards dismantling the course to spread the truth

  3. Comment: OAU Muslim Community and MSSN imposing leaders on people shall be judged base on their individual intention on this collaboration.

  4. Comment: Comment: OAU Muslim Community and MSSN imposing leaders on people shall be judged base on their individual intention on this collaboration.

  5. Asalam alaikum, this report is partial and misleading, Muslims students, though minority on O.A.U campus, are well respected, not because they are powerful or trouble makers but because they strive as much as possible to uphold the correct Islam and not comprise islamic laws for anything, then Allah placed them in a place of respect among others in o.a.u. mssn higher hierarchy (which include some set of fathers that are even older than our vc) came to force on us a set of boys who have contributed more bad to oau Muslims than good. As a matter of fact ask any one of them of his personal contributions to the Muslims, how many tutorials have they organized for the Muslims, how ayah of the qur’an have they tought anyone. They are surely known for their unrelenting strive to assume position of leadership. Their Amir before now contested for SUG fin.sec, he came PROSTRATING around all halls of residence, being showered with fish water, Elubo and other types degrading baptism happened to him, then later after SUG was banned, he went to collide with the Muslim community and mssn higher hierarchy to support his aim for power by imposing him on us. Even if we don’t deserve anything good we don’t deserve an idiot like this as our Amir. Finally, I have to say we want to join mssn higher hierarchy but we won’t join base on your will and whims but we will join base on the Qur’an and sunnah.

  6. Comment:Alhamdulillah for the successful work done by the OAU Muslim community. May Almighty Allah guide and protect them more and all Muslim Umma.
    I could remember on the 11th of Jan, 2011. when I Rafiu Durodola popularly known as Danladi was appointed as Would Hall caretaker Imam to normalize and stabilizes the activities of the Mosque. We did all we could in about 2sections to normalize the activities but the said Salafiyah group disrupted us and said the committee and the Muslim community are not Qur’anic and Sunnah. May Allah forgive them.

  7. You plan to compromise the deen on OAU campus will always be a futile one. Why imposing exco on the students after they have chosen one. OAU is known for correct methodology that’s why it’s GREAT IFE academically and religiously.

    Instead of you to put things in order.


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