By: Yusuf Aweda, Lagos

LET me quickly reiterate that I love president Buhari so much. He is our “man”. I didn’t only campaign for him in my little ways, I went extra mile to speak about his enviable personality in my big ways too during the election. I wrote national articles on illustrious news platforms to support his presidential adventure in the spirit of “Change”. And I know millions of Nigerians shared the same admirable love for our dear president too.

But it doesn’t mean our love for him should becloud our  judgement of  everything coming from him to be totally correct all the time, even though it may have some vestige of legitimacy.

To me, launching “Change begins with me” campaign is ridiculous and utterly embarrassing at this time when an average Nigerian is at the pinnacle of financial crisis. It is annoying and morally execrable.

Change had  begun with many of us right from the time we all had the conviction to support you when you had nothing to compensate our relentless and voluntary struggles for you except the alluring promises you made to elevate our Nation prior to the election, which charged us to move on. Change began with us the very day we decided to support and vote for you based on the nearly immaculate personality you have maintained over time. Change began with us already when  we the masses roared the word (“Change”) louder than you when nobody could hear you.

In as much as I discern that the president may have positive motives behind this campaign. This is wrong timing to push such precalculated campaign to the suffering Nigerians and   I feel the people that need the slogan first are the senate and house of assembly members who are yet to understand the physical manifestation of the current economic recession.

We all know Nigeria is broke. If not that change  had begun with us long time ago, and we have decided to move steadily and slowly with Mr President for him to ameliorate the horrendous dents on our Nation,  many would have taken to civil disobedience with the deteriorating economic situation.

Sorry Mr President, change had begun with us to move the nation with you right from those beautiful campaign moments before the election when we defiantly rejected bribes from the opposition parties just to run our robust support for you .

It  would have been better if you had reminded us about our “change” conviction to lift the Nation to a greater heights with you in this demanding economic moments. It would have been adorable if you had encouraged us more to bear the hurdles and the demanding atmosphere of this administration with your brilliant and striving team. But telling us change begins with us when we are struggling to read the slogan as a result of hunger is utterly embarrassing and ungrateful. We love you Mr President, and we pray God help you and make our Nation  great .

Yusuf Jimoh Aweda,
Center For Human Rectitude.

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