by Olansile Ajetunmobi Umar

ALL thanks and adorations are due to Allaah alone, the Lord of the worlds. We seek refuge in and with his names from the whispering of shaytoon and his progenies. May Allaah bless the soul of our Noble Prophet Muhammad, his companions, households and the entire Muslim Ummah till the day of recompense. My brothers and sisters in Deen, as-salaamu’alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuhu. In shaa Allaah, our topic will centre on AL’AALAMUL JINN -THE WORLD OF THE JINNS. 

Without further ado, because of the comprehensiveness of the topic, I have decided to narrow it down into five cogent outlines 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

 👉 Who are jinns? 

👉 What do jinns do? 

👉 How and When can someone be attacked by jinns? 

👉 How can someone be protected from jinns? 

👉 What are some practical instances and cases of jinn possession?

In the next one hour or less, justice will be done to these👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼bi idhni Allaah. 

Jinns are creatures like us. They live and eat like us. They marry and give birth the same way humans do. They even practise different religions the same way we have it among us. However, unlike humans, jinns are hidden creatures of Allaah. They are very hidden to the extent that our two eyes cannot see them, unless one forcefully wants to and this may lead to untold havoc. Most of them live longer than us. One Jewish jinn once spoke through a possessed brother that he has lived for ten thousand years. Their shapes are even mysterious. 

In Suuratul Jinn, verse 11, we are made to know that there are Muslims and unbelievers among the jinkind. Verse 15 of the same chapter tells us that the unbelievers among them will be hatob – firewood in hell, though, scholars are of different views on jinns entering Aljannah. We sh know that Allaah sent Prophet Muhammad to humans an jinns. Let’s read the Tafseer of Suuratul Jinn for more gists. 

There are different ways jinn enter one’s body. Scholars say 👇🏽👇🏽

👉 Some jinns can be temporary. 

👉 Some can be permanent and 

👉 Some can be fluctuating. They go and come. 

If someone possessed by jinn doesn’t know, people around him should know. His actions and reasoning will change. He or she acts strangely unlike him or her before. Also, the person may suddenly hate reciting Qur’aan and listening to good sermons.

Because of time, I will move to the next outline-WHAT DO JINNS DO?

One, according to Suuratul Jinn, verse 7-9, jinns do steal secret from heavens. In the kutub tafaaseer, it was said that before the prophethood of Muhammad, the jinns did carry one another like a ladder in order to steal secrets from the heavens. Their senders and users did send them to snatch these secrets. Though, they would get a little fact, Allaah would then instruct the angels to throw a star or some at them. Some would die; some would be hurt and some would go to their senders and tell one thousand lies. Some herbalists, magicians and some alfas who use jinns still do this. In Suuratul Mulk, Allaah tells us that the stars are like stones on jinns. These stars burn them into ashes.

Two, jinns create fear in people. We have seen many situations where jinns will give conditions to those who seek their help. I heard of someone who was told by a jinn never to observe janabah after he meets his wife. One ‘alfa’ in Niger was once told by a jinn he sought help from not to be praying ‘Asri prayer. The alfa was later tormented by the jinn. All these are elements of fear they create in those who seek their help. They are ” A funi ladie sin figba odidi eran lowo eni.” 

Three, unbelievers among the jinns are stubborn, deceptive any misleading. I have watched several Ruqyah sessions where the jinns were adamant not to leave the bodies of the possessed individuals. Alhamdullaahi, in the end, they left.There was even a scenario when it took the scholar of Ruqyah several hours before a family of jinns could be sent away from a brother. The jinn father and his daughter later accepted Islaam.

Four, jinns are weak and cannot protect themselves, let alone others. Their weakness doesn’t mean they are not powerful. Wallaahi, they are very powerful because they are like air. Their weakness is that they cannot do any favour for us. Oore ede ni oore won. Let’s remember the way Prophet Sulaiman used the jinns. Prophet Sulaiman had died for a long time, yet, they did not know until the boss fell on his rod. The same thing happened when ‘Ifreet said he would bring Balqees’ throne before Sulaiman left his seat. Don’t forget that a man with the knowledge of Zabuur was used in bringing the throne. So, the jinns don’t know the hidden things, the future and they are also subjected to errors.


Jinns can affect someone in different ways. Some jinns enter into someone because of love, revenge, hatred or wickedness or because of someone’s carelessness. A brother once did Ruqyah on someone attacked by a female jinn. The jinn communicated through the patient. She said she entered into him because he loved him and she wanted him to love her alone. So, she caused trouble between him and his wife. They did quarrel on small issues. Alhamdullaahi, the jinn later left.

Jinns may enter into someone in order to avenge or revenge.We know these jinns live in the shade, in valleys and mountains, on dump sites, in the abattoir. Some even wonder around. Many times, we pour hot water on ground anyhow. Who knows whether a jinn is there or not. If the water falls on her baby, that is a great mushkilah. A female jinn once told a brother who did Ruqyah for a patient this.

Also, jinns can enter into one at night. That’s why the Prophet said in various Ahaadeeth that we should always keep our children inside at night because the jinns walk around during this hour. Also, he advised us to always close our doors at night and cover our water tank because of jinns that walk freely during this hour. 

Now, before I move to the next one, we should note that there are different ways jinns could form. In Ahaadeeth, we are told that the jinns can take the forms of 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
 👉 Black snakes
 👉 Black cats
 👉 Black dogs.

However, an Islamic scholar, Shaykh Isa Akindele once said that jinns can also take the shape of humans. He even said he knows an Alfa in Ibadan whose mother was a jinn. She later disappeared when her husband couldn’t tolerate her action anymore. Ibn Taimiyyah also said jinns can change to humans (mostly into beautiful ladies).  Also, Shaykh Isa said that a beautiful lady who sold groundnut once told him that she was a jinn who was ready to devour men who wished to have zina with her.

In addition, they can show their real shapes at times. Some of those who saw them as a result of calling them in a ‘specially made prayer’ ran mad. Some have not regained their senses up till now. Won a ni, wón ti fafakufa. At least, I know three of them that this happens to. KOlohun so wa, káwa naa sora a wa.

Before I round off, the best remedies and protections against the jinns are to hold strictly to the Qur’aan and Sunnah without extremism. Get hold of prayers on Ruqyah. Then, brothers and sisters who are due for marriage, do marry please. Stop masturbating. A male jinn said he entered into a sister because of masturbation. Also, the sister did sleep naked. Stop sleeping naked.

Also, if you like sleeping in the dark always, be careful. Though, the Prophet said we should extinguish our ‘lamp’ before we sleep, there was a reason for that. The sabab of the Hadeeth was that a rat came out a night and touched the thread of a candle around the Prophet. The candle fell and its light burnt a portion like a coin on the floor. Then, the Prophet said lamps should be extinguished before bed time as Shaytan intends to burn you with the light. However, it is different from ina ijoba we use today 😃. Scholars advise us to be careful of darkness because jinns like dark places. Wallaahu a’alam

Now, jinn can enter into anybody, but prayers can really be a guide against them. Let’s also stop listening to music. Music weakens our spirituality. 

Before I forget, please fathers and mothers in the room, stop locking your small children in the room. Jinns can play with them and you know children have very sharp eyes. Stop entering into empty rooms anyhow-rooms and houses that have been abandoned for a long time. Jinns love living in such abandoned rooms. Stop staring at refuse all the time, sculptures and bones of animals. These are houses of jinns. 

Jinns cause insanity, epilepsy (most times), uncontrolled anger, incessant divorce, inability to marry at the right time and other serious ailments. 

Jinns can leave a possessed body through the following places during Ruqyah session 👇👇👇

👉 Eyes 

👉 Mouth 

👉 Through pores on the feet 

👉 Ears 👉

👉 At times, through nostrils. Many jinns accept Islaam before they leave while some don’t, out of fear of being killed by their families. 

In conclusion, I recommend these books for those who want to know more about jinns and human sickness 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

👉The Jinn and Human Sickness, Remedies in the Light of the Qur’aan and Sunnah (365 pages).

👉Protect Yourself from the Jinn and Shaytan (331 pages).

👈الصارم البتار for those who can read Arabic 

Salaam ‘alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuhu! May Allaah protect us from jinns and their hypocrisy.

By Olansile Ajetunmobi Umar (OAU), University of Ibadan. 

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