At th 14th anniversary of Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society of Nigeria (AISN), Muslims were urged not to leave the anti-corruption efforts to government alone but play their expected role as dictated in Qur’an and teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

A seasoned diplomat Ambassador Ridhwan Mustapha gave the advice at the special prayer and anniversary lecture commemorating the 14th anniversary of the AISN Guzape District Abuja.

This is as the Director and Chief Imam of the organisation, Ustaz Fuad Adeyemi said he was once asked to pack out of his rented apartment by his landlord, for owning while his organisation was disbursing millions of naira as zakat to the needy.

Mustapha who spoke on “Da’awah and the Role of Islamic Organisation”, also urged Nigerians not to be tired of helping the needy in the society to reduce crime in the society and empower others who can also become wealthy to help others too.

He said Da’awah, Arabic for “invitation”, was all about urging people to do goods and shun evils and to also been to be acting in what one was preaching.

“As stipulated in Islam, there are ways of correcting evils, either by actions through the hand, by mouth through talking and disliking or hating illegalities through the mind but discussing it with allies who may be able to act on it,” Mustapha said.

He also urged citizens especially the leaders to listen to advice and make corrections as was evidence in Prophet Musa (Moses) and Khidr (a righteous man), and also the correction of Prophet Muhammad by Allah on his reaction to a beggar while he was wooing some influential people to Islam.

Ustaz Fuad Adeyemi who said the money earmarked for Zakat by Muslims through the organisation has been disbursed accordingly and that apart from his landlord who asked him to leave his house then, he also received sms from some people who said he was distributing the money that was supposed to come to them to the needy.

Adeyemi who urged Muslim faithful and well-meaning Nigerians to contribute generously towards the development of its Mosque, said the money for zakat cannot be used for mosque development or other approaches apart from the zakat that it is meant for.

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