An Islamic organisation, Al-Mu’minaat, has called on world leaders and Nigeria to stop giving religious and ethnic coloration to crimes.

Such sentiment, it said, portends danger to humanity.

At a briefing at its Jibowu, Lagos National Headquarters, to mark the World Hijab Day (WHD), its President, Hajia Nimatullah Abdullateef-Abdulquadir while responding to United States (US) President Donald Trump’s Executive Order banning citizens of six Muslim countries from entering US, said the order was out of order.

President Trump’s order, she said, was tantamount to racism and religious intolerance, adding that no religion preaches violence.

She enjoined Trump to yield the calls of other world leaders including his immediate predecessor Barack Obama and British Prime Minister Theresa May to withdraw the order.

Hajia Abdullateef-Abdulquadir condemned the harassment of hijab-wearing Muslim women, saying “the challenges faced by Muslim women in the country as a result of their desire to wear the hijab continue to leave a bitter taste in our mouth, especially when juxtaposed with the unlimited freedom enjoyed by other women who choose to dress in any manner of their liking including sometimes in semi-clad attires.

“Just as any lady is free to exercise her right by dressing the way she likes, a Muslim lady who has chosen to obey Allah in her mode of dressing must be allowed to exercise her right. However, Muslim women are daily subjected to intimidation, discrimination and harassment for wearing the hijab.

“Even in a case of court granted support for the constitutionally guaranteed right to school pupils to wear the hijab as is the case in Lagos State, the right of the Muslim woman to wear hijab is only respected in the breach.”

She named the Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC), Nigerian Immigration Services, and the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) among organisations denying Muslim women their fundamental right.

“These organisations always insist on Muslim sisters removing their hijab before their photo is captured for drivers’ license, international passport and National Identity card. Some banks also insist on the hijab being removed before Muslim women could do biometric verification. In many places of work, including ministries and parastatals, the harassment of Muslims women wearing Hijab goes on unabated,” she said.

Hajia Abdullateef-Abdulquadir called on the government to check the excesses of officials that are perpetrating “this act of oppression and injustice against Muslim women. We also call on both national and state assemblies to enact appropriate legislations that will guarantee the right of Muslim women to dress according to their religious belief.

“To mark the WHD, we invite all Muslim women in the country to adorn the hijab and exercise their right freely. Non-Muslims are also invited to experience Hijab for one day as it is done in other parts of the World to foster understanding among the different religions in the country.”

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