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Al-Mutawakkil Ramadan Lecture: Don’t read Qu’ran only when in problems – Dr. Tajudeen Yusuf

At a Ramadan lecture organised by Al-Mutawakkil Islamic Society, Dr. Tajudeen Yusuf of the University of Lagos advised Muslims not to always consult the Qu’ran only when in trouble.

While delivering a lecture on ‘Know your Religion’, he urged Muslims not to stop being steadfast in worship after Ramadan.

He explained that many Muslims must take to destiny and fear Allah in anything that they do.

The Islamic cleric counselled the fasting Muslims to prepare for accountability.

While urging them to be careful of worldly affairs, he told the Muslims not to cheat others.

He said, “This month of Ramadan gets a lot of attention but it should not end in the special month. If we can maintain the tempo outside Ramadan, it is good for us. We should be asset for the religion not liability. 

“We should constantly consult the Qu’ran. Don’t read the Qu’ran only when you are in trouble or have problems.

“Don’t be carried away by this world, it is a mirage. The real life is when we are dead and will be questioned.”

Founder of Al-Mutawakkil, Imam AbdulGaniyu AbdulKadri, appealed to Muslims to be virtuous.

He explained that the choice of the theme was necessitated by the need to caution Muslims against sinful acts.

President of Al-Mutawakkil, Alhaji Sikiru Rufai, advised Muslims to always remember Allah in their dealings.

“Muslims should uphold the tenets of Islam and act based on its tenets. This is a month ordained for fasting and good deeds. We should be full of dhikr,” he added. 

Chairman of the Society, Alhaji Yakubu Mohammed, told Muslims to seek knowledge about Islam.

“Muslims should know and educate others about our religion. This will help us to respect people from other religion,” he said.

Iya Adini of Agiliti Central Mosque, Alhaja Nihmotallah AbdulSalam, commended the administrators of Al-Mutawakkil.

She testified that the presence of the Society has positive impact on the lives of residents of the area.


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