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An Interview – With the CEO of T_GCreations, Aisha Sarumi

Hello Aisha! it’s so good to have you here!

1.) When did you develop interest in Event planning/ decoration & Management?
While i was in my final year at the college of Education, I sometimes
assisted my fellow sisters in decorating halls for our programme, this was the beginning of my adventure in
Event decoration.

After graduation, I enrolled with Jus4u production where I masterminded the art of Event decoration and management.

I learnt the art for two months theoretically and practically on the field for more than two years.

Event decoration and management is like a hobby to me because i do it even when if feel stressed.

2.) What did you study in school? And do you plan to further in that line or solely dedicate yourself to this?
I attended Federal college of Education (Tech), Akoka where studied Biology and Integrated science. I also have a bachelors degree in Education and Biology from the Prestigious University of Lagos.

By the Almighty’s willing I plan to be an Emeritus Professor in Environmental Biology because you can’t rule out the significance of Education.

However, Entrepreneurship is a panacea to Economic development. By His willing I dream of a bigger T_GCREATIONS where we picture the thoughts of our clients through Event decoration and management.

3.) How did you come up with the name TG Creations?
T_GCREATIONS is an ACRONYM for Thoughtful gift creations which i got while i was in Secondary school.

4.) How old is your business?

5.) How many events have you managed?
I have managed and decorated more than 15 events both paid and volunteer service.

6.) Can you break down in a few sentences the kind of service you offer.
At T_GCREATIONS, we decorate, plan, manage wedding parties, Anniversaries, Dinner, Sisters’ Night, Naming Ceremonies and lots more.

7.) How many weeks before an event would you prefer for a client to contact you?
We appreciate a month or more notice for proper and effective planning of our events.

8.) Do you plan to take this outside Lagos or it’s based in Lagos alone?
We plan to take the company far and wide, though for now we major more in Lagos.

9.) What advice would you give to those who are afraid to start their own businesses/promote their initiative here in Nigeria?
Nigeria is a country with vast opportunities, people with real business ideas see a lot of opportunities in our dear country, Nigeria.

What we need to boost the economy is our patience to find real ideas, mentorship and constant prayer to the Almighty.

10. People are afraid to start small. What advice would you give someone who is battling their fears to start something?
Every business has its own risk, Starting a business you have passion for, will help reduce this risk to the barest minimum. With the evolving world, Entrepreneurs with great ideas will begin to rule the world. However, Starting one’s business, no matter how small the idea maybe will turn out big with determination.


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