​Dear hijab/niqab hater,

A kid putting on hijab

Why do you hate me? 
I am not an alien. I am human, with blood flowing through my veins. I didn’t fall from the sky. I have a family that I love and cherish. I am someone’s daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, niece, and cousin. I obey my parents, I uphold the ties of kinship and honour my neighbours. I play, I laugh, I cry, I eat, I drink, I urinate, I defecate, I fart and I sleep.

I am a girl just like you with all the girlish features you can think of. I shop, I dress up and do make up. I chat, I sing, I dance and I party with my girlfriends. I fall in love. My emotions are sometimes controlled by the hormones of womanhood. I follow the latest trends in fashion and I update my wardrobe according to my means. 

I am proud of my tribe and country. I abide by the laws and pay my dues. I have the freedom of religion and expression just like you do. I’m happy to travel around the world and meet people of different colours and cultures. 

My niqab/hijab is my identity and a sign of my religiosity. No, I am not claiming to be a saint. I sin but I repent. I make mistakes but I take corrections. This is the way I chose to worship my Lord, my Creator. 

 am not oppressed like you think. I am submissive to my husband/father, but I have a mind of my own. I have a job and I have clients. I make money and I spend wisely. I stay at home and I train my children to become responsible adults and tomorrow’s leaders. 

Why are you afraid of me? Do you think I’m a monster hiding behind the cloak? Nay! Talk to me before you assume. Ask me before you conclude. Interact with me if you want to understand who I am. 
Why do you despise my faith and my appearance? Perhaps, you’ve been fed with too much heresies and media propaganda. I hope you’ll learn to respect people whose lifestyle is different from yours. I hope you’ll learn the truth about my religion. I pray you receive divine guidance before you die in your ignorance. 


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