The Ekiti Government has warned against risky consumption of hides (ponmo), smoked meat and bush meat.

This is contained in a statement signed by the Governor’s Special Adviser on Agriculture and Food Security, Ebenezer Boluwade and Commissioner for Health, Dr Oyebanji Filani, on Wednesday in Ado-Ekiti in an alert to residents and farmers to the outbreak of Anthrax.

Anthrax is an infectious disease that is capable of affecting both humans and animals, causing serious damages to the respiratory system.

The government also describes Anthrax as a serious disease that affects both animals and humans (Zoonotic), which presents flu-like symptoms, such as cough, painless sores with a black centre appearing after the blister.

It said other symptoms include fever and muscle aches, which if not diagnosed and treated promptly, could lead to severe complications, including pneumonia, respiratory problems, shock and even death.

For prevention, the government urged intensified vaccination, proper disposal of suspected and infected animals and avoiding risky consumptions such as hides (ponmo), smoked meat and bush meat.

It also urged adherence to hygiene practices, especially in places where ponmo, bone meals and blood meals are produced.

“We specifically encourage persons at risk such as people who handle animals, people who consume dead animals, healthcare workers, law enforcement officers and anyone who recently travelled to a location with a confirmed anthrax case to take their hygiene practices seriously,” the government said.

The government further urged the general public, farmers, butchers and stakeholders in the agricultural sector to adhere strictly to the preventive measures.

Government also urged the public to avoid panic about the disease, adding that the State’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, in collaboration with the State Ministry of Health and Human Services were monitoring the situation.

The government said that it would provide updates and further guidance concerning the disease, and urged residents to assist health agencies by transmitting the message.

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