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Arabic language: A necessity for all Muslims

By Abdulbasit Abdusalam

The language of the Holy Quran, Arabic, is one of the assets of a better and purposeful Muslim.

Speaking at the Haflah (Graduation ceremony) of THE EXQUISITE SCHOOL OF ISLAMIC AND ARABIC KNOWLEDGE, the guest lecturer, Ustaadh Ibrahim Salaudeen, stressed the significance of Arabic language in the life of Muslims.

“For a better environment, our children should never compromise the importance of Arabic knowledge. It is the language of the Quran and learning it will open door to unadulterated understanding of the Quran,” he said.

The atmosphere was propitious as the graduands made the presentation of their project works in Arabic and Yoruba.

They educated the audience discussing pertinent issues like Qiblah, permitting children in the mosque, abusing time and many more.

In an exclusive interview with the best graduating student who is also the youngest, Mubaarak Babs Lawal, he asserted that learning Arabic language requires consistency.

“I engage myself in discussions with other Arabic speakers and that helped me a lot,” he said.

The previous best graduating student of the same school, Mallam Toyyib Mustopha, encouraged students of knowledge to honour their teachers as this is the prerequisite for beneficial knowledge.

He added that learning Arabic requires determination and commitment.

“Practice your works, attempt all your assignments, open door to learning more and frequently revise you studies, it makes a good student,” He affirmed.

“The Mudeer of the madrasah is one of my outstanding students. He is zealous and committed,” said the Naibul Amir (Vice President) of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit, Ustaadh Ishaq AbdulAzeez.

He added that Arabic language needed to be attended to and it requires support from all.

“I witnessed the previous Haflah Ceremony and I was wow-strucked; that inspired and motivated me to join the madrasah,” Mustopha Maryam narrated.

Mustopha Maryam graduated with the highest number of prizes and she advised all students of knowledge to remain steadfast, dedicated, shun laziness and utmostly seek Allah’s guidance.

“We give thanks to Allah who is making our planning, visions and goals come to pass in Mumtiah. We pray he continue to bless us and all Muslims.

“The graduating students are really fantastic. I am really marvelled at their determination and alacrity to learn despite the paucity of time and other challenges. May Allah put His blessings in their endeavors. My advice to them is that they should put into practice what they have learnt and avoid being stagnant. ” اقتضاء العلم العمل وترك الجمود said the Proprietor of the school, Ustaadh AbdulGaniyy Adebisi.

He added that, “Failure to learn Arabic may be due to many reasons. Some may not be chanced or the way they were mishandled when they were young still lingers in their memory hence they stay away from learning Arabic. Others excuses are different.

“Nonetheless, my advice to them all is that they should strive and continue learning. May Allah make it easy. It is not a joke that you cant understand the rudiment of Islam except you know Arabic very well.

“Arabic is a very easy language when you have good teachers that will instill confidence in you. They should exploit e-reading and all modern ways of learning. May Allah make it easy for us.”

On the facebook wall of the proprietor, he said, “WHEN WILL A FEMALE EMERGE AS BEST GRADUATING STUDENT IN MUMTIAH?”

Without doubt, the females are putting efforts to achieve that feet and the males are not relenting. Let the tussle continue!

Abdulbasit Abdusalam, a student of The Exquisite School of Islamic and Arabic Knowledge.

He can be contacted via: abdulbasit4islam@gmail.com


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