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ARISE AND SHINE– Abu Maryam Ibn Is’haq (Abumaribi)



Arise to the stature of those who enjoy the lofty virtues;
And shine by purifying your soul with the acts of piousness;
Never allow the idle timers to delay you with their busyness;
Avoid the bad influencers and keep the righteous companies.

Don’t be sad about what you planned in life that failed to materialised;
Enjoy every moment of your life and never forget to be cheerful to others;
Block every trickery act of the chief deceiver to lure you into materialism;
Device positive means to overcome life shackles that may come your way.

Avoid trouble as much as you can, it doesn’t worth your struggle;
Respect people as much as they deserve, it’s an act worthy of reserve;
Knowledge is an expensive asset but the gain is more than the cost;
Utilise your time well in getting the knowledge that will be useful for you.

Seek for beneficial knowledge as much as you are able to reach in life;
For beneficial knowledge helps in bringing one from darkness to light;
Knowing alone is not enough, until it is followed with insight and practice;
Make your practical life trail the life standard set by the Noble Prophet.

Take your time and utilise it well while you are still young and agile;
For you may not have the opportunity to strive in your feeble age;
Your free time should be well spent on meaningful and rewarding events;
You may have to regret it later if, it’s being met with misused activities

Patience is a priceless virtue that is never for sale in the market;
Silence is golden and the impact is more reactionary than noise;
Serve your Creator in the best way your capacity assured you;
For this is the primary purpose of you being created on earth.

Give your soul the nurturing it require to grow in beneficial use,
It is your guiding spirit that check your physical activities on earth,
Arise to higher stature using the Qur’ān as your inferential guide;
And shine with the practical model of the Prophet with his Sunnah.

Adherence to the Islamic standards is your shield in life;
Doing this makes you contented and free from life shackles;
Blessed is He Who who sent down the Criterion to his Servant;
As a Glad Tidings to the believers, and Warning to the deniers of truth.

✍: Abumaribi


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