Sydney has just had it’s first glimpse of locally produced Islamic films – and it has proved a massive hit.

Australia’s only Islamic production studio, OnePath Network, has created the country’s first ever Islamic short film, “Last Chance”. The film was written and directed by OnePath’s own Kamal Saleh, who is well known for his poetic da’wah on the network’s “Talk Islam” channel.

The ambitious project has taken over a year to complete, and was screened in cinemas for the first time over the weekend to four completely sold out sessions.

The film has been so popular that the studio has decided to tour Australia with it, with sell out sessions in four of Australia’s capital cities, with a potential for more. The film features the powerful Muslim live speaker, Mohamed Hoblos, who many people know from his show on the network’s “Living Muslim” channel.

The film’s plot revolves around a young man, frustrated with his life and meagre means. His friends and family try to support him and help him find work, but he finds a seemingly easier way to make some fast money. His choices will have lasting effects on him and those around him.

According to OnePath’s General Manager, Ahmed Bassal, demand in the UK has been terrific, with many other European cities also requesting the film.  He told IlmFeed,

“We have been incredibly humbled and surprised by the global demand for the film, with the majority of that coming from the UK, Sweden, Norway and the USA”,

Malaz Majanni, the network’s CEO, said,

“It has been a very exciting time for us at the studio, it seems the whole world is just as excited about this project as we are”.

When asked why the film was so popular, Majanni replied,

“I think the message is universal, this is not just something that Muslims face but non-Muslims also, we’ve had many non-Muslims attend and enjoy the film. We also strive to produce content that is 100% halal, so no musical instruments were used in the film, and no immodesty of any kind. I think the community appreciates being able to go and do something fun with the family that they can trust doesn’t compromise their beliefs”

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