My parents and Islaam

My parents do not have any knowledge of Islaam. However, five daily solaah (prayer) is a must in my house. My father knew this much and made us fall in love with five daily prayers through consistency and modelling.


Journey to Consciousness

When we got to secondary school, my sister, Aisha Jumah, made friends with Munirat Olaleye and that was how our journey to Islamic consciousness started.

Munirah had siblings who were well grounded in Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) and through which they attained Islaamic knowledge. Munirah Olaleye also had neighbours who were passionate about Islam and had become immersed in da’wah (Islaamic activism); the Ogundapos.

The Olaleyes and the Ogundapos held our hands and embraced us into their fold. They carried us along in every activity and ingrained in our hearts, the knowledge of Islaam. Sister Tawakalt Ogundapo organised a fortnight program for us where she educated us in her room. I missed those times. May Allaah bless the Olaleye and Ogundapo families.


MSSN Role in our Lives

To crown the efforts of the Olaleyes and the Ogundapos in our lives was the efforts of The Muslim Students’ Society Of Nigeria; Lagos State Area Unit and Ifako Ijaye Area Council.

The impact of this selfless society in our lives can’t be quantified. They cut across all aspects of our lives, both Islaamic and academic. They organised extra mural classes for us to enhance what we were taught in school. I know these brothers do not collect a dime as remuneration, they just do it fiisebiilillah (for the sake of Allaah). MSSN will instil in you, the spirit of selflessness and fighting in the course of Allaah through your sweats. These brothers groomed and equipped us with the necessary tools to combat Islaamic and life challenges.

I can’t forget the Olaleyes. I can’t forget the Ogundapos. I can never forget the impact of MSSN on our lives. We attended camping programs which further strengthened our steps on the path of Islam. Our character got nicer at home such that our parents released our younger ones to us. We carried our younger ones along because MSSN had instilled the spirit of knowledge spreading in us. You just have to save your family and not only yourself. The verses of Hijaab and other Qur’aanic verses were blazing hot in our heads. If we were sleeping and we got tapped and asked to say why we wear Hijaab, we’ll raise our voices and defend what we practice to the admiration of all.

We read books from Abu Mazeedah and Dr. Zafaran Adeniyi and our heads were fully empowered with knowledge. We just had to read. MSSN instilled the love of reading in us. They also organise workshops and leadership forums which are meant to further groom us for dawah. You say you cannot restrain yourself from Zina, have you read “Scenes of Zina” by Zafaran Adeniyi? We read and digested it. When we wanted to speak to non-mahram men, we did it from a distance. MSSN instilled bashfulness and piety in us.

Today, my father looks at us and smiles. We got married unscathed, courtesy of MSSN grooming, waLlaahi (By Allaah) and that’s not even an exaggeration.

What am I saying in essence?


What’s wrong today?

There’s no longer mentorship.

A lot of people wear Hijaab without knowing why they wear it. Hijab-wearing sisters commit fornication with the Hijaab on. So pathetic. Hijaab-wearing sisters chat unguided with men online and offline. Very appalling.

There’s no mentorship again, o.

It’s like we’re heading towards damnation.

Reading culture has gone to extinction. Na so so Hijaab we dey see but nothing inside the skull.

Hijab has become a mere uniform with NOTHING to show for it.

Nisfus Saaq (Lifting the trousers above the knee) has become just another style of trouser. Some of our brothers are bereft of common sense and knowledge. They chat indiscriminately with non-relative sisters online and offline.

Fornication among Muslim brethren is now the order of the day.

A lot of fitnah (tribulations) students of knowledge have emerged who condemn everything but offer nothing beneficial.

Nobody is grooming our teenagers again. Our secondary school students engage in boyfriend/girlfriend relationships and even premarital sex. Our undergraduates date men without caution and fall into the dungeon of Zina.

Married women and men commit adultery like it’s not a big deal.

Nkan (Mẹwa) ti sewa, Ten has happened to us. (Many things have gone wrong).


The Solution to Revisit

Until we go back to grassroots grooming, only then would we be saved from this menace that has eaten deeply into our core values. Is grassroots grooming a joke to you ?. Who are your teachers ?. Who are your mentors ?. Do you think Islaam can be learned once in a blue moon?. Hmmm! I rest here.

May Allaah rectify our situation!


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