By AbdulSalam Muhammed, Lagos

THE core message of Islam is morality. Abu Hurayrah relates that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “I have only been sent to perfect good moral character.” [Musnad Ahmad (8595)]
Islam is the only religion that takes care of all the needs of man. Islam is so comprehensive that it does not accept anything once it contradicts its teachings .
Islam is like no other religions which lack a book of life directing the affairs of their adherence, which accepts everything from the West; whether good or bad. If all the messages of Islam turn to a ball, then they will revolve around a moral orbit. Our religion teaches us uprightness.

Islam has prescribed the Hijab for a female in order for her to be covered and be modest, because Islam realises the value of a female’s body, so she’s very well reserved, many valuable things are found beneath the surface of the earth like gold, diamond, they are very well reserved because they are precious. Islam really cares for a female and this is why she is very respected and revered.
Those who hate Hijab are enemies of morality and advocate of waywardness. This so called CIVILIZATION is a clear means of mass destruction and madness.
Civilization does not cater for morality or right conducts, it only takes us back to our animalistic lifestyle where we cover ourselves with leaves. In fact, in the name of so called “civilization”, people are now walking half clothed with no sense of shame- is this civilization or madness?. There must be an end to this insanity, we need to advocate for the Hijab- the only way to ensure modesty and a proper way of dressing for the females.

Our forefathers have lived a life that staunch people cried for it return. They have laid a culture that we have trashed after taking the deceives of the West. We are keen to rubbish our fathers thinking they were illiterates and out of fashion; not knowing that they were the best generation – we long for their generation once again.

A critical work on our “culture” revealed how it cherished modesty, shyness, respect, and reverence – all in the sphere of morality which our religion teaches. These are what the West wanted to take away from our fathers – which they rejected. Look at our generation which fall a victim, we are no where to be found in the world with what we sold our morality and decency for – what a victim of circumstances?

Unfortunately, there are people who actually use educational platforms to accomplish their evil missions. They are Western oriented people. They hide under many irrelevant things. These people are easily known; they have followed the path of Westerners- What do you expect?. We also have some crooks among other religious body, people see them as men of God but in actual sense they are bigotries who impersonate themselves to accomplish their evil mission, they love the indecencies of our women folks, they never wanted them to cover their-selves as it will block the immortality acts they commit; for instance a pastor impregnating the church member. Morally upright members are always at war with such crooks. It just a matter of time, God will bring them to book.

How can covering of the body become odd and walking half naked become a norm, and we claim to be civilized?, who is more civilized than the creator who created the world and prescribed the Hijab?.
What should be preserved is now opened to everybody, our females now lack the sense of worthiness and uphold indecency, those who cover themselves are condemned while those who walk half naked are praised. This nation is at the verge of destruction, what a pity. I cry for what the next generation will showcase. This present generation is a disgrace, it needs reformation through the Hijab, this indecency is becoming unbearable!. The society is polluted.

Hijab became a step stone to war. What a pity?, people see the Hijab as an oppression and burdensome, we are brainwashed by the madness going on in the society, only the saved one realized this, the one who surrenders himself as an instrument will never see anything wrong in the dressing of our women folks.
Even the government is a victim of this madness, when will our females be saved?.
Hijab is a way to Morality and Morality is the normality that turns to abnormalities which afterwards cause series of immoralities and make our females shameless. Kudos to those females observing their Hijab in the right manner, those females with sense of worth and value. May Allah reward you all.
We need to encourage HIJAB and inculcate manners to our female children right from their tender age so that they don’t grow to become shameless as most females of today are.
Oh! Women of yesterday, this generation missed you.

Hijab for women which serves as a red light or stop signal to control the gaze of the onlookers. It indicates to them, that the female wearing the hijab is not a random female, but a righteous believing slave who fears her Lord. The Hijab of a Muslimah indicates to the onlookers that their stares and comments are not welcomed and that she is not a public
property like the other shameless females, she is a female with worth, sense value.

Those in educational sector should stop creating fear in the heart of our children. Putting on Hijab as nothing to do with their education. The teachers have nothing to loose if they put on Hijab but many things to gain. Peace and Harmony will reign in the education system.
The government should take a great action towards returning morality to the society through the use of Hijab for anyone who wishes to use it, it is their right to wear the Hijab and be modest, anywhere and anytime.
God bless our dear country and our female folks.

AbdulSalam Muhammed Abideen wrote via

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