Having acknowledged the might of Allah and His overwhelming bounties on mankind, we give all accolades to Him, adore His name and beseech His mercy on our great leader (Muhammad Al-Mustapha [SAW], who taught us about the existence of Allah and His greatness, and all believers in the oneness of Allah till the end time, Amin.

I want to conclude that we all know that our sense of sight could be deceiving at times. For example, the water you see while travelling but disappears when you get closer to the spot, the broken pencil you see in a glass of water which is not actually broken when you remove it from the water, and many other similar instances, all testify to the deception in our sense of sight.
However, the mind is there to confirm and reject any claim from any of the other sense organs. That is why immediately you see a mirage, your sense tells you it’s false; you know within your mind that the broken pen in the glass of water is, indeed, not broken. Imagine being on a very high hill overlooking a mass of water. One can assume it stretches forth without end but it’s your senses that will tell you “that’s not the end of the body of water in the World.”

Thus, our minds are not always easily deceived when compared to our sight. The mind gives a blind man the opportunity to relate with his environment, feel, sense and appreciate things; though he cannot see, the mind helps him survive. However, your mind can only imagine what you perceive from some other organs in your body, or what you readily have an idea about. For instance, if you are in your village, you can always imagine how your house in the city looks like at that moment. This is because, you have seen the house in the city before and knows what it actually looks like. There are other kinds of imagination that are only based on your assumption. You might not have seen it before, but you can perceive or frame it in your mind. A flying horse, for instance, could be imagined to be the combination of a horse with wings flying in the sky but we have never seen it in reality. It is that part of our imaginations that the work of art, novels and other media forms appeal to. No matter how much human beings unravel this world, we will never be able to unravel all the mysteries, miracles, treasures and pieces of information about our planet and the world at large.

Having established the above, Muslims are more privileged than all other mankind with the concept of believe. Allah has, through the Quran and His prophet [SAW], revealed a lot of things which are yet to be understood and applied by man. Fortunately, Muslims would have believed in them even before their investigative knowledge affirms their belief. Recently, every living form of existence is said to be from water, but Allah has mentioned it 1400, years ago in Q 21:30,“ we made all living things from water, will they not believe?” When Allah mentioned that iron does not form part of the earth, we couldn’t imagine that, “ We sent down the iron with its great inherent strength and its many benefits for humankind” Q 57:25. Scientists believe that Meteorites struck the earth billions of years ago. The Meteorites were carrying iron from distant stars which had exploded. On Embryology, Allah describes the formation of man in the womb, “ we created man from an extract of clay, then we made him as a drop in a place of settlement, firmly fixed. Then we made the drop into an alaqah [leech, suspended thing and blood cloth], then we made the alaqah into mudgah [chewed substance]…”, Q23:12-14. That verse was revealed over 1400 years ago to an unlettered man from the deserts of Arabia. It wasn’t comprehended until the late 1970s that Prof. Keith Moore mentioned that he discovered the formation and development of the zygote in his book, “ The developing human”

More facts abound but this piece is just to wet your appetite about the majesty of Allah. Listen to the comments of Physicist Stephen Hawkings, “ the more we discover about the universe, the more we find that it is governed by rational laws.” Most scientists believe in this rational law and call it the law of science. The question is; who put all these in order? can the world, as complex and delicate as it is, be the product of a mere coincidence, is it not decidedly created with a purpose? Allah created the world and all it contains so that we would worship Him. Same way you believe that your phone is made up of glass, plastic and metal. Glass is from sand; plastic from oil and metal from the earth, now imagine walking in the desert and all these materials put themselves together and become a phone meant for you. You will surely disbelieve this, there must be an organizer and designer of the phone. Why shouldn’t you then believe that Allah created the world in due proportion for a purpose.

So, why then should the Creator of the heavens and the earth command us and we refuse? Why are we heedless to the last of Messengers, Muhammad (S.A.W)? Allah says He created us from sand and we shall return to sand as well in Q 20:55. He also said He would resurrect us after we are dead, buried and decomposed, and none of this is difficult for Him Q 75:1-5. Why do we still disbelieve? Can your recreation be tough for Him when it is He who created you in the first place, Q 50:15. He asked us to believe in Angels, you questioned Him? He mentioned paradise and hell, yet, you doubted them. He has promised us that the earth will end one day, won’t you believe in the greatness of Allah who created all things without aid from anywhere and anyone. Allahu subhanahu wa ta’allah. He is the Mighty and the Judge Who has promised good ending through eternal bliss and enjoyment for those that believe in Him and punishment for anyone that disbelieves in Him, thereby denying Him. Q 98:6-8.

He has appointed a day of recompense when everyone faces the consequences of his actions on earth. Had there not been a day like this, oppression will sky-rocket, the good will not be rewarded for their good while the wicked may escape the rewards of their evil deeds. Allah says, “Hence, the end time is near and shall consume everything living and nonliving, even the mountains shall cease to exist. In Sha Allah, our next treatise shall address the later hour of the end of the world.

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To all Akokites starting examination on tomorrow, Please shun malpractices in any form and embrace decency during the examination.
A is good, B is managable, C is not needed, D and below are prayed against. May Allah crown your effort with tremendous success as we begin the second semester exam on Monday, 10th of October 2016.

IMAM Abdur-Rasheed Adeoye

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