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BOREDOM, Shaytan’s trap..!

By Ogundele Taofeek A.

One of the most dangerous things in life is boredom.
ALLAH gave us time for essentially three things:
and rest/relaxation.

Every time you feel bored it is because you are not doing one of these three things.
Boredom is the feeling of having plenty of time and energy but nothing to do with it.

You get to experience dangerous suggestions as they flow in.
You will notice that most of the time that you “fall in sin” its when you are bored.

You either visit the wrong place.
You call the wrong person.
You chat with the wrong person.
You go to websites that you know you shouldn’t go to, etc.

Don’t be the Devils pal.
He knows your weakness.
He knows when to come to you an you won’t hesitate.

Why not discover your weakness and guide against it?
It’s high time you stop hurting yourself and your creator.



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