I deal with women’s health, so I encounter different kinds of husbands…

The “loverboy” Husband: He is truly in love, and he doesn’t know how to pretend. He will acompany his wife to the clinic and not just sit in the car to read newspaper; he will hold her handbag, enter the doctors room and stand/sit beside his wife and participate actively in the consultation. I appreciate this a lot but I know some women don’t feel comfortable because of the little secrets they may not want them to hear. Lol!

The “Dangote” Husband: He has money and spends generously. If you tell him to buy Paracetamol, he will insist on the USA brand. If you recommend a surgical procedure, he will prefer to have it done by the finest surgeon in the world. He will not be physically present even if the wife is critically ill, but all the bills are paid in advance.

The Broke Husband: He’s chronically broke but he’s still hustling to make his wife happy. He will negotiate the medical bill as if it’s pepper and onions. He will drop his wife in the labour ward in the morning and come back in the evening with half the bills. God help the doctor if the wife delivers quadruplets! He will just develop heart attack and never recover!

The Broke and Heartless Husband: Yoruba people would call them “kò l’ówó l’ówó, kò tún l’áájò”. If you’re broke, you should at least show that you care, you’re striving and be humble enough to ask for help. He will DAMA his wife from the hospital and take her to a quack and then bring her back with complications (if he’s lucky) or, come back to blame the doctors for killing his wife.

The Domineering Husband: He won’t allow the woman to answer any question; including “when was your last menses”. He has read all about his wife’s condition (via Google of course!) He does all the talking. He argues. He disagrees with your diagnosis and plan of management. He threatens and swears. In this scenario, domestic abuse cannot be ruled out. A private session must be organized for that woman.

The Ideal Husband: Well, sorry to say that this kind of husband is rare. Who am I to pass a verdict on our sweethearts? But I’m a woman and I know good men when I see them. I also have a proforma for detecting pretenders (I can give you at an affordable price, lol). Beyond the looks, the “pépéfúrú” and the cash, a man should respect his wife the way he wants him to respect her. He should stand by her without dimming her star. He should be proud of her strengths and be able to overlook her weaknesses. Afterall, noone is flawless.


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