In the Name of Allah the most gracious the most Merciful.

What is Change?

It is an act or process through which something
becomes different.

According to the definition of CHANGE above we can deduce that it is a
process or act.

Now analysing it, you’ll see that change is a gradual process not what
would just come up once and fast,
Speaking on behalf of our president PMB change cannot occur once, it
would go through processes.

Change Begins with Me

Yes, very correct change will always begin with the person that aimed
to change or reform a nation.

You must change yourself if indeed you want to change the world.

Allah said in the qur’an:

” Indeed, Allah will not change the
condition of a people until they change what is
in themselves. ”

According to the wonderful verse above you would surely see that
Change would also begin with you.

On a Final Note, I plead to all NIGERIANS that have the opportunity of
seeing this message, don’t see our President as incapable, we all are
experiencing the economy recession but we still need to assist Him in

#Oh Allah! Ease our Affairs
#Oh Allah! Accept our dua

#Abdulbasit Abdusalam.

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