BOREDOM, Shaytan’s trap..!

By Ogundele Taofeek A. One of the most dangerous things in life is boredom. ALLAH gave us time for essentially three things: work, worship, and rest/relaxation. Every time you feel…

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POEM: We Murdered The Pristine Islam

BY Azeezah Olatunde   Oh yes, I remember the tales of Sohābahs that were obsessed with the worship of Allah. Today’s generation are obsessed with keypads, Facebook sucks the time for…

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POEM: This Is How It Starts

By Ibraheem Ahmad I’m not here by myself Though I’m here for myself I’m striving, Alhamdulillah And I pray His Love I gain. Sudden, like the rain of joy I…

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Why Samsung can’t establish plant in Nigeria

Samsung Electronics has said that one of the reasons for not establishing a manufacturing plant in Nigeria is because its market share in the country  is not big enough. Mr Sung…

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It’s Your Destiny

The Pens had been raised! The Inks had dried! These were his words, just as narrated. He once said to the boy, “Let me teach you some words”, and then…

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HOP: A peom for late Gani Adetola-Kaseem

Hero Of The People Amidst injustice He was a warrior for justice,  Giving hope to the hopeless  Driving the ummah to ultimate victory.  When i was stripped of my rights…

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What is life?

By Azeezah Olatunde The whistling bird told me life is sweet, But the flesh is fatigued to drip Salty ocean that sprout  The bud of sweetness. The whispering wavy wind…

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Up above the ankles, High my trousers go, It’s not a sign of trouble, A symbol of humility, Anytime you see me, You feel am going weirdo. My dressing makes…

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Feelings muddled up!

✍✍✍ Life is a mystery, a lot of feelings muddled up. Some things get you excited, make you happy and give you life while some other things bother you, make…

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Today is D-Day

By Azeezah Olatunde Today, I see uniforms running, for 8’o clock should not be missed. Book stores became a cube of sugar That ants come to patronize. Today, I heard…

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