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CertiFlex wins $3000 at Ayathon Blockchain competition in Lagos


CertiFlex, platform for issuing and verifying certificates on the blockchain, has won a cash prize of $3000 at the Ayathon Blockchain competition held in Lagos.

The CertiFlex team members, comprising; Kehinde Akinbola, Musa AbdulKareem, Idogwu Chinonso, Chinonso Francis, were presented their prize at the

at the Grand Finale of the Web3Lagos Conference on Saturday.

Aside from the cash prizes, the winners also received mentorship opportunities, incubation for project development and pilot opportunities in African markets.

The CertiFlex team is one the finest brains in the technology world on the continent that participated in the Hackathon with the aim of building projects with real-life impacts.

The Ayathon contest tasked several teams to use technology in solving present-day challenges, with a total prize money of $9,000 up for grabs for the three lucky teams that emerge as winners of this Aya driven competition.

The scope of this year’s Hackathon was to use technology to build projects in solving present-day challenges.

Participants are required to enter into the competition in teams with a minimum of three and a maximum of five team members. Entries for all hackers were free of charge.

The Hackathon received applications  in areas such as entertainment and media; artist management, music and content distribution, copyrights and IP.

It also received applications in digital collectibles; preservation of African artefacts and promotion of digital tourism.

The project areas also include applications in financial inclusion and education; promoting financial literacy and implementation of interchangeable stable coins/coin swapping, crypto adoption

Meanwhile, applications in e-identity and verification; with use cases in digital stamps for ecommerce platforms, cross-border trade & exports, traceability to stem gun running and supply chain tracking for petroleum products are also inclusive.

Similarly, the Hackathon also accommodated applications in projects covering climate change and sustainable carbon reduction.


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