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Cleric advises Muslim faithful to shun oppression, injustice

A Muslim cleric, Imam Yahya Al-Yolawi has urged Muslims to shun injustice and oppression amongst people of all races.

Al-Yolawi, who is the Imam of Area 10 Jumaat Mosque, Graki, Abuja, gave the admonition during Jumaat service at the mosque on Friday.

He said that oppression, or injustice was amongst the greatest sins against mankind.

”The term “zulm’’ refers to oppression or injustice in Islam, and it means taking away people’s rights, , money, ownership of property; or taking advantage against the weak against his will.

”It can take the form of transgressing the limits against oneself, transgressing the boundaries of others, claiming that which does not belong to you or denying others their rights.

”It is one of the greatest sins which Allah forbade His servants, and fixed a certain punishment for, both on earth and in the hereafter.

”The prophet (Peace be on him) said, beware of injustice for oppression will be darkness on the day of resurrection,’’ he said.


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