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Clerics meet in Kaduna to strengthen religious tolerance

Some Christian and Muslim clerics on Thursday met in Kaduna to strengthen the search for peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance in the state.

In his remarks, the state Chairman of Fityanul Islam, Mallam Rabiu Abdullahi, noted that ethno-religious and political crisis has set Nigeria backward, as such all well meaning Nigerians must encourage tolerance, dialogue and peaceful coexistence.

He said “we will continue to educate our Muslim followers on the importance of peace and tolerance while calling on both Muslims and Christians to embrace themserves as brothers.

“Nigeria needs prayers, therefore we must join hands and pray for peaceful coexistence and better understanding.”

He urged all levels of government to create job opportunities for Nigerians especially the youth in order to reduce the problems of insecurity in the country.

Abdullahi also called on parents to train their children properly as they would answer before God on the trust given to them by the Almighty.


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