You look in the mirror
Impression that impresses
You see “you” beyond bounds
Beauty beyond beauties

You study your face
So much elegance on fresh flesh
Olive or caramel
Light, perhaps dark

You ponder your features
Faultless in its uniqueness
Eyes so shaped to match a catlike’s glamour
With the dark of it defeating the surrounding white

Your reflect your pointer
Straight and rounded at the same time
Benevolent with exquisite shades of a lousy shape
Adding a glamour of attraction to your face

And your lips, you are so sure of
Supple not puffed up like marble
The pink against the dark
With the philtrum like that of an angel

You see you as stunning
Like I see me as stunning
And the list of stunners keeps growing
Until you realize you aren’t such a beauty.

Aisha Harun (Nana bee)
August, 2016

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