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CORONAMICS By Abu Mazeedatulkhayr Bn Sa’eed

Covid19 has held the world by the jugular. The world is thus suffocated by its cruel grip and she cries “I can not breath”. As the world counts her losses in all phases, the economic loss is most torturous. The economics of covid19 is what I call coronamics.

This is not to underplay the dangerous implications of the health factors. Of course, many are already infected, beyond people’s imagination. There are, for example, mere carriers who are not harmed by the virus, but can infect others effectively. There are also many asymptomatic victims already killed by the virus. Many victims will have their body system fight for them, as the virus grows and dies in them, without their knowledge. Therefore, the first battle to fight now is that of the health survival.

But for whosoever survives this pandemic, the impending effects of coronamics may be worse. As various countries gradually ease the lockdown, the global economic outlook changes with unprecedented rapidity. Certainly, the world will not be the same again. We’ll continue to live on this planet, but in a strange world that is different from the previous one.

I reaffirm, the consequences of the health implications may not be as disastrous as the economic effects. Many businesses have already closed down. Right now, entrepreneurs are mentally challenged. As the earth regains its lost strength, the humans who inhabit the earth can only survive by picking the pieces of their life.

It’s a sinful world where businesses have always survived on usury. By now, loans must have fed fat on multiple interests, while banks and other financial institutions may not even contemplate giving concessions to alleviate the raging anxiety of the borrowers.

Airplanes’ engines are meant to run always to ensure their efficient operations. But now, the local routes airplanes have been grounded in Lagos for months. Thus, their equipment is rusted daily by the salty waters of Lagos. It therefore requires experts’ attention to put the airplanes in shape before the commencement of any operation, which may be too costly in terms of finance.

Those who are willing to fly early must therefore be very careful, lest they fall victim of the Air Pakistani experience. A plane that had been grounded for months, due to the lockdown, suddenly resumed operation, without any exhaustive service and repair, and then crashed at the threshold of the Airport.

Both the local and international flights may require a huge sum, but which they’ll never get, to resume operations. Some Airline operators may never resume after the covid, because they’ve permanently closed shops. More than 50,000 Pilots and captains, including cabin crews, have reportedly lost their jobs across the world.

Smart businesses have now deviced an alternative means of both operation and survival without seeking the value of human labour. Thus, millions of humans would lose their jobs. The most brilliant and skilled entrepreneurs are also falling into depression, as they gradually succumb to mental torture, for their inability to comprehend the wave and withstand the stress!

I pity those who are mentally lazy. I also pity those who are physically lazy. I pity the jobless who survive on charity. I also pity the local champions who take pleasure in lavishing the creative strength of their mental magnitude on social media, by arguing and analyzing those frivolous and trivial issues bordering on religion culture and politics, if only to be celebrated and applauded with the nourishment of their ego.

Tell them, our world is no more the same!

Listen and open your brain, the world has changed for ever! Soon, we’ll be living in a different world – the world that has no shoes, the one that walks barefooted! Let’s see how creative you are. Let’s see how prayerful you are. Let’s see how productive you are! We fear the impending upsurge in crime rate, but we rely solidly on Allah for our ultimate protection.

O’ Allah, come to our rescue!


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