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CURBING BAD GOVERNANCE IN POLITICS –Abu Maryam Ibn Is’haq (Royal Abumaribi)


Politics is a volunteer leadership position where candidates are elected to represent the interest of the majority of the masses that elected them into that office. A state politics makes it easy for the masses to select those who seems to be fit to help the economy in the utilisation of resources and leading its inhabitants in the right direction towards the development needed the the country.

Good governance is devoid of any corruption, mismanagement, deception of the masses, misappropriation of funds and other immoral act that may occur in politics. This is because the candidates selected are conscious and faithful to those who elected and also know that their position is a trust on them, for they are just in the post for specific period of time. This period may seem long in the face of some people though, but it’s actually a short time for those who are conscious of their Creator.

Bad governance on the other hand is detrimental to the state of the nation. The citizens of that country suffer maltreatment from their political leaders. A government that is supposed to be the means of ease to people’s life become the cause of grief and hardship, this is because their leaders do not have any conscience that feel for the people’s need.

The Roots of Bad Government

One will wonder how a country with abundant resources to cater for the economic wellbeing of masses still suffer in underdevelopment. This is because the leaders of the Nation have turn their political post to their entitlement, forgetting that people actually elected them to represent their interest. So the politicians think of governmental post as a means of livelihood. Having elected to their respective post, the story will be changed from; ‘the government of the people and for the people” to the “government of the self and family members”.

Those who cause disruption to the economic growth and development of the country are also those who claimed to have been educated. Do we call such people elites with their levels of selfishness display in the development of the Nation? It is not funny, there education did not teach them virtue, they actually corrupted their knowledge with their greedy nature.
The National Anthem and the National Pledge do not make any meanings to the hearing of the bad and corrupt leaders anymore, this is because, the songs that rings in their psyche is how to make their life better, irrespective of the suffering of those who elected them. Their materialistic zeal is so high that they refused to reason that the result of all their acquisition is still vanity.

Bad Leaders and the Legacy of Education

Education that happen to be the best legacy is no where to be traced among the corrupt leaders of this Nation. Many of the present day leaders didn’t go to school for progressive knowledge that will be of benefits to the masses, rather, they went for materialistic gain and as such, they didn’t achieve development in moral standards; if at all it’s taught in the western educational system. Funny enough, ethical standards is not taught in Western educational school but, it is developed through (Religious) upbringing.
Many among the bad leaders also enjoyed easy lifestyle during their own education, but their greediness made them lost in the crave for power and wealth, to the extent of neglecting the needs of the masses. The past heroes struggled for betterment in living and welfare of the masses that made most of the present politicians enjoy standard education system and easy access to scholarships and other likely benefits. Reverse is the case for (most of) our present leaders; the conscience that is supposed to guide the leaders standards in reasoning has been sold for negligence in the market of indecency. No thanks to the leader that enjoy good lifestyle, while the masses that elected them suffer in hunger and low standard of living.

How the Youth can Make the Difference

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, but we need to put in mind; who the children of today are. Are we still on the verge of the bad trait laid down by the corrupt leaders? This is the question that should come to the minds of our youths. It is no doubt, our orientation today is what will drive our leading spirit. The rightly minded youth needs to be vigilant on their stance against the reputation of any candidate they intend supporting.
The role of the upright being among the Nation is to call those who are involved in fraudulent and corrupt practices to order, from hindering the progress of Nigerian economy, and causing distress to the masses. That the heedful minds may take heed and amend their ways. This is because our Nation require people of ethical standards to stand for what is right and avoid what is wrong in the Nation.

As it is known that the National politics and the present politicians do not include much youth in government, it is therefore a need for youths active participation in government, in order to show the old selfish and greedy politicians how to make the best use of the National resources and for the better welfare of the masses. We do not need the likes of the corrupt leaders, but we need those who will stand up to what the masses need.
We are Bless up in our country. We need right minded being who will utilise our abundant resource and channel it to the needy area.

✍: Abumaribi


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