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Dad Seeks Help For Daughter Forced Out Of School By Broken Leg

Her sorrowful mien is palpable. Firdaus Apo is lost in pensive mood every day, watching her peers leaving home happily for school in the morning and returning to meet her almost on the same spot.

That has been the fate-inflicted boredom the 14-year-old girl on crutches endures since she suffered a broken leg about two years ago.

A primary five pupil as of 2019, her education has since been put on hold with some of her ex-school mates now in Junior Secondary School 2.

It was learnt that Firdaus had undergone a surgery at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Kwara State but her parents could not afford to pay for the second major surgery estimated at about N2m.

Her father, Musa Apo, said she always complained of pains and felt lonely when other children had gone to school.

He appealed to members of the public to help in raising the funds for the second surgery.

Musa stated “We first took her to a private hospital where she was admitted. The doctor was treating her and we were buying N11,000 worth of drugs every day. She spent three months on admission without any improvement. We then asked the doctor to refer us to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital.

“When we got there, a surgery was recommended for her. After the surgery, there was some improvement but the doctor said she would need to undergo another one which is major. He said the surgery would cost about N2m. We were helpless and didn’t have the means to raise the money. She had been discharged. She is now on crutches.”

The father explained that the doctor advised that Firdaus should come for the second surgery on time so her condition would not become worse.

He added, “She could not go to school because of her condition and she always feels sad about it. She is supposed to be in JSS 2 now. We are appealing to Nigerians to assist us.”

Donations for Firdaus’ treatment can be sent to her father’s First Bank Account with the name Salman Musa Apo, and account number, 3117184629.


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