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Death Is At Your Doorstep

Azeezah Olatunde

After hearing sounds of adhan from the distance
My soul is a donkey that neglects solah
After torrents of admonition I say
“I will start observing solah tomorrow”
What if the tomorrow is my grave?

I filled that white cloth with dirt
Neglecting istigfar to wipe it off
After my conscience troubles me
I say “I will seek for forgiveness later”
What if that later is when my body is washed for Janazah.

I exhibit my beauty, display my nakedness
For it’s a museum for spectators. When told of modesty,
I say “I will dress modestly when the time comes”
What if that time is when black faces mourn you?

I failed to shun my desires,
Fully acquainted that islam forbids it.
All I say is “I will change soon”
What if the Angel of death
Takes your last breath soon.

Tomorrow, later,
When the time comes and soon
Are the illusion shaytan creates
To procrastinate the deeds
That will lead us to paradise.

Now, yes right now.
Is the time left for you and me
To be submissive to the will of Allah
That is Islam.

©Azeezah Olatunde (PenTalks)


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