One month to the official launch of his second book, Ambassador Abayomi Nurain Mumuni has given hints on how the risks of terrorism can be reduced globally.

Mumuni, who is expected to launch his second book titled, ‘Demand by Terror’, in the United States of America in September, said globally terrorism needed strategic approach to be combated.

Mumuni, who is the author of “Global Terrorism and its Effects on Humanity”, said his new book would be launched in commemoration of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre Towers by terrorists.

Mumuni called on world leaders to come up with better strategies of combating terrorism and stop futile effort of seeking Hijab ban.

Mumuni, who highlighted strategies for reducing the risks of terror in Nigeria in his new book, said, “Terrorism cannot be totally eradicated, but its risks could be reduced if the government at all levels embark on massive literacy campaigns and makes welfare of its citizens a priority.

“It’s a global phenomenon. Terrorism has been existing before we started experiencing it in Africa. The qualifier is not an English word; it originated from French. Like I said in my books, there are different kinds of terrorist groups, from ecoterrorists that destroy property in the name of protecting animals or the environment, to homegrown right-wing terrorists who advocate for white supremacy, and ISIS, a religious-based group led by an ideology that demands death to those who oppose it.

“The type of terrorist group determines the type of negotiation to engage in. No nation wants to look vulnerable or weak and give in to terrorist demands, and indeed, all nations publicly vow not to deal with terrorists, but the way to resolve some of the violence will not come from military action alone.”

To Mumumi, some of the ways to reduce the risks of terrorism was through enlightenment and providing means of livelihood for the people.

He explained that once those involved were provided for, they would not be pushed to indulge in criminal activities.

“In fact, some of these people receive stolen goods from these terrorists. They help them keep their guns. Once they provide them food, they keep mum. The terrorists have informants among them. Most of the villagers are benefitting from the terrorists because of the level of poverty in the country. Government needs to provide for them even before embarking on literacy programmes,” he stated.

The renowned counter-terrorism expert described the purported plot to make authorities ban the use of hijab in Nigeria, as a politically-motivated syndrome, saying the Muslim headscarf has nothing to do with the act of terrorism.

The former governorship candidate of the defunct CPC in Lagos State said: “Hijab is not going to be banned. It is not just possible because Hijab has nothing to do with act of terrorism. Is like using or wearing military camouflage uniform to commit act of terrorism.

“Just like you cannot ban military uniform, same reason you cannot ban Hijab. More so, Catholic nuns wear something similar to Hijab, and it can be used to perpetuate same act. So, it is not about banning Hijab.”

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