Highlights from a lecture delivered by the Executive Director of MPAC, Disu Kamor, at the 1437AH annual conference of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit on Sunday, September 25, 2016.
iWitness NG reports that he spoke on the theme, ‘collaborating for excellence’.

– Islam cannot be done without collaboration – MPAC director

– Collaboration by Muslims is an invitation from Allah just like Salat. Q5:2

– Supportive, cooperative and highly skilled collaboration will make everyone happier and healthier.

– With the opposite of this, there will hostility, adversary, conflict and internal competition

– Muslims must shun bad behaviours. The bad behaviour unfortunately spread like virus leads to abuse, calumny, fight and sometimes killing

– No matter how different modus operandi can be, there is always a common ground. Emphasise the common ground and respect each other differences

– Most Muslims unfortunately argue on irrelevant issues and leave the fundamentals

– What are we hoping to achieve by collaborating? Be sure that collaboration can achieve the aim. Is the organisation interested in the particular issue? Collaborate with the organisation sharing that particular idea. The benefits must be symbiotic and not parasitic. There must expertise from the collaborating organisations.

– Benefits. New ideas and services, wider coverage, great approach, financial efficiency, stronger united voice

– Muslims must redirect our energy towards collaboration and financial liberation
Case study of South African Muslims. They 1% but mighty with their collaboration and financial liberation

– If we don’t come together, the consequences will bounce on all of us just like the economic recession bouncing on everyone and not only the perpetrators …

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