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Don calls for adoption of Malikiyya law in sharia courts

The Dean Faculty of Law, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Prof. Ibrahim Na’iya-Sada has called on the Judiciary to adopt the use of Malikiyya law while delivering judgments in all the Sharia courts in Nigeria.

Na’iya-Sada, a one time Vice Chancellor of the University made the call on Saturday at an Imam Malik annual lecture organised in Kano by the International Institute of Islamic Thoughts (IIIT).

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the lecture was titled, ‘The life and Times of Imam Malik Bin Anas, (Imam Daril Hijrah)”.

According to him, if the law is adopted by all the sharia courts, it will make all related rulings delivered by the judges in different courts to be uniformly practiced.

“It will not be good for a society if similar cases in different courts can be delivered by different judges but with different opinion or ruling.

“So, we want to bring back the eminence and the importance of the law, so that all similar judgement in all the sharia courts should be uniform so that the people will appreciate judgments.

“We want all sharia courts to adopt the Imam Malik school of thoughts because that is what we practice and it is more easier and simple compared to the others”, he said.

According Na’iya-Sada, who was the Chairman of the lecture, majority of Nigerian Muslims and even across the North and west African countries follow the book of Maliki.

The University Don ,therefore. said it would be in the interest to people if such method could be adopted, adding that it was not as strict as other laws.

Earlier, the National Coordinator of the IIIT, Prof. Salisu Shehu said the Imam Maliki annual lecture was to immortalised the the late Muslim scholar and promote the development of knowledge and scholarship around Islamic jurisprudence.

He said Imam Malik was an icon in that area, especially on Hadith.(NAN)


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