By AbdulBasit Abdusalam

WELCOME to the world where abnormalities are becoming norms

Welcome to the world where eyes are wide open but still can’t see

Welcome to the world where the right path is clear but people are treading the wrong path

Welcome to the world where bad Ideologies are wild-spreading like measles

Welcome to the world where morality is being rubbished and Immorality is being advertised

We have adopted the fake lifestyle claiming it is civilisation

The present status of the world is alarming

We are in manifest error trying to adopt the wrong way of Life

We have forgotten the complete and real way of life

Don’t be fooled they are our open enemy

They don’t want the good for us

They keep on misguiding us without our notification

It’s high time we go back to our basis

We need to go back to our Director

Let’s pray to Him to save us from the bondage of the westerners

Oh Allah, accept our prayers save us from our enemies,
The enemies of your religion, ehe enemies of truth

And Verily we all have a role to play

Pray until your situation changes.

Miracles happen every day, so never
stop believing.

Allah can change things very quickly in your life.

I believe that ONE DAY, we would be free from our enemies.

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