Home Press Release Eid-ul-Fitri: TMC urges Nigerians to support fight against corruption, bad governance

Eid-ul-Fitri: TMC urges Nigerians to support fight against corruption, bad governance

May the blessings of Allah be showered upon all Muslim brothers and sisters as we celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr.

While we rejoice and celebrate, let us keep alive the great lessons of
Ramadan. We have learnt lessons of voluntary abstinence, unconditional obedience, humane love of sharing and caring for fellow humans as well as pure sincerity to Allah. Let these lessons be translated into practical actions in our economic, social and political relationships.

As we celebrate Eid Fitri, let us reflect outpouring of generosity towards one another especially the less privileged amongst us.

Nigeria is passing through a critical phase in its socio-economic and political development, let us play positive role in this desirable process.

The fight against corruption, bad governance, nepotism, mediocrity, examination malpractice, ethnic cum religious terrorism and insurgency is a collective struggle, for which we have great role to play.

Let us support the three levels of government directly and indirectly at repositioning Nigeria and embedding good governance.

Let use the opportunity provided by Eidul Fitri to re-dedicate and refocus our lives to the cause of moral renewal, value reorientation and reinventing our humanity, which are traits required by Nigeria to rise again.

Let us resolve to strengthen the bond of Islamic faith, respect, brotherly love, and mutual understanding irrespective of our differences.

To Nigerians, The Muslim Congress wishes you all a joyous EidFitri celebration.

Eidul Mubarak
Dr. Lukman AbdurRaheem, MNIM
Amir, TMC


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