The last coup d’état in Turkey took place in 1997. From the blues, the news broke that the military struck in Turkey. Mercifully, this dastardly act failed. However, some novelty was introduced. The failed attempt came via air strikes! What? That any patriot, anywhere, who seeks to salvage his country, would embark on air bombardments of his country? This is insanity! A most instructive development, is the mass resistance to the treacherous attack on the sovereignty of their country. The Turks took to the streets with bare hands, plus phone video cameras as weapons, to confront the armoured tanks and guns. This was televised live on the CNN and Al-Jazeera plus other TV networks.

The people of Turkey have reclaimed their country from the demons in military fatigues. There is no alternative to democracy. It remains the best. This is the clarion call!

Chief Imam Taofeek Sanni,

Trade Fair Complex Central Mosque, Lagos State, +23480596177

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