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Feelings muddled up!


Life is a mystery, a lot of feelings muddled up. Some things get you excited, make you happy and give you life while some other things bother you, make you worry and feel you should quit the world. Hmm🤔

Alhamdulillah for everything. I realized that Allah’s mercy and grace is overwhelming, I can only and always be GRATEFUL to Him.

Also, I recognized  that one can choose to be happy or sad. Some practices actually helped ‘tho…. Which are👇

✨ First, think well about yourself

✨ Also, think well of others. Never envy, feel jealous or get intimidated by the favours Allah bestowed on others. 🙀

✨ Then, optimize the little resources at your reach; don’t whine, rather dine in contentment🤓

✨ And, show love to people, – start from home -, make people around you happy to have you, know you or live with you.😉

✨ Moreso, be kind and open-hearted, for you dont know the little things you do to heal the big wound of others.

✨ Nevertheless, work towards your goal but look into your heart not outside of it by dreaming. Be awakened and get started for what you believe and have passion for.

✨ And lastly, be patient! Be patient!! Be patient!!!. For verily, there is beauty after patience and Allah is with those who are patient.

Seriously, these tips help, try nd see how happy you will be😍

Bnt Abdilkareem




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