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Fight your soul against love of the world, Dr Tajudeen Yusuf Counsels Muslims


By Abideen Muhammed

A Muslim should endeavor to seek for Allah’s guidance in this upcoming Ramadan because it’s the peak of success for a Muslim. After it, every other things will follow and benefit us in hereafter.

Dr Tajudeen Yusuf, who is a senior lecturer at the university of Lagos and co-chairman of Nigeria Inter – Religion Council (NIREC)  Lagos State chapter, made this known at the Pre – Ramadan lecture organized by MSSN Otto Awori Area Council at Round about, Otto on Sunday, 29th April, 2018.

Dr  Tajudeen Yusuf during his course of lecture explained why a Muslim must at every time seek for guidance.

“There a lot of misguidance on earth for mankind such as your whips, Shaytan, life partner and children, materialistic world, frivolities, etc. We need to seek for guidance in order not to go astray,” he said, adding, “One of the essences of Ramadan is to serve as guidance for human beings and that was why God revealed Quran in the month of Ramadan. The Quran was revealed as a guidance in the month of Ramadan, so a Muslim should seek for it.”

He narrated how Paul misled the Jew and the fruitless effort to corrupt the message of the Prophet (SAW) after his demise.

He said, “Paul misled the Jew by replacing Jesus word to suit his whips and caprices. He allowed drinking of little alcohol and forbid them to pray as practised by Jesus. The Jew in the other hand made attempt to corrupt the Quran after the demise of our prophet, it was the guidance of Allah that saved the faithful one.”

Muslims should constantly fight against his soul before seeking for guidance and don’t compete with materials thing in the world, he added.

“You must fight your soul against love of the world even from nightmare to real world. Seeking guidance will guide us from swimming away with this mundane world,” he said.

In conclusion, he explained that Ramadan is not a sleeping month but working one.

He said that all major battles of Islam took place in Ramadan, the people of Taif accepted Islam in it and our forerunners conquered Spain during Ramadan.

Meanwhile, a sound Muslim will prepare before the advent of it by supplicating, observing Tahajud, seeking specific knowledge, setting agendas with our family, etc.

The occasion was graced by Imams around, members of staff and students of Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education(AOCOED), members of MSSN Otto Awori, and neighbours within the streets of Otto.


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