Malaika refused to return home
my mother relies so much on a greater soul

For so much remain still undone
none of my promises will go un-dropped
none of my thinking will live for naught
none of my living won’t be without us.

Let mother india cry for all she likes
let antab and cashcapour too
all is for I and I alone
let mother gagoo curse
or the burning train refuses to stop
my life is in the hands of God
am the son of the soil.

I create my world
not minding them crazy words
whether them see or not

For the elephants couldn’t match down the Kaaba
the whispers in the hearts of them-man
big or small won’t shake me
cos am grounded in his faith
no one can curse my fate.

Baba suwe i-ma never stop comedy
sure them jest over me haults
for my life ina mi God’s hands
my fears tarry not
friend, we’ll share a joyful life.

By Tella Temitayo Rahaman

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