The court filled with eyes and ears
Of people who Want to listen
To the verdict that binds
The fate of the Muslim girls.
A journey started years ago.
Agitation doesn’t say it better
Anxiety is just nearer
Glittering hope makes it clearer
Just as the hour drew closer
No word explained it better.
Many prayed for days and nights
Hoping and waiting that this battle be won
For the Lord that we worship
Is the one who never sleeps nor slumbers
For no one save him knows it better.
If our rights were rice
Everyone should have a share
If our dreams were beans
Then it shouldn’t be a battle
But our hijab has come to stay
Calling for new challenge.
I have a dream
That sometimes someday
Our Hijab would be worldly acknowledged
It would be truly understood
And be genuinely ascertained.
All thanks to the Most High
That four years of toil
With hitches and coil
Turned a fertile soil
For the grateful to sow seeds
That will germinate the wisdom behind our foil.
Our Hijab,Our right
Our right,Our life
Our life,Our love
Our love,Our world
Our world,Our Hijab.
Princess Bushrah Olagunju
( Motivational Speaker/ Author)
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