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FUNAAB: How I managed to be on first class as a married student, First class niqobite narrates

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am a niqobite, a final-year agricultural student in the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

What motivated you to choose the course you are studying?

I applied to study Computer Science, but was admitted for a course in agriculture. Though  I never attended any agricultural science class in secondary school. The will to excel in any position I find myself became a driving force for me. I fell in love with the course immediately.

Do you see yourself graduating with first-class?
It is for us as humans to put in the required efforts.  It is Allaah who decides the outcome. It is however my dream to finish with a first class, biidhnillaah may Allaah make that easy for me (Aameen).

What is your relationship with your departmental lecturers,  who know that you are in first class?

Not many people are aware of the fact that I’m in first class. This includes my lecturers as well.

What is your plan after studies?
As a married woman it’s my family first and then practising what I’ve learnt follows, which is to establish on what I have learnt as an agriculture student.

Many believe that people using Niqob are dull, what’s your view on this???
If statistics are anything  to go by, then we say people who put on the Niqob have excelled everywhere. Women in Niqob are just like every other women out there and have a better edge since they tend to be more serious with whatever they do.

How do people relate with you over the Niqob you wear?
The perception of so many people about the people in Niqob is not the best. But when they get close they become convinced and satisfied.  Therefore fostering  a good relationship between us and them.

Your school is about to ban niqob, what your view on this?

The school should be properly advised on the use Niqob as a religious obligation for Muslim women as it comes in the verses of the quran. Allowing Muslim sisters to exercise their religious right just like the others without discrimination should rather be encouraged at a time like this.

The users have demonstrated a good level of respect for the school rules and regulations . And have also shown to be law abiding students. They are never a threat on campus.

Do you see yourself appearing in public without wearing the niqob?

We pray Allah help us against a situation like that. This is because of the psychological effect it will have on the person involved. The primary purpose is to prevent fitnah, a person observing niqab shields herself  with it and it protects her also, it is unimaginable. May Allaah not make us see such.

Have you ever been harassed or denied taking test/examination without the niqob?
Yes, I have. They were terrifying situations.

What do you intend to do if the ban is not suspended?
We keep supplicating to Allaah as we have been doing always to not make us experience a situation like that. It will be the worst thing to happen to someone.

What is your message to the Muslim community?
The university community should allow us to respect the command of our Lord; and should allow us for dialogue if need be. We will remain as law abiding as ever.

Advice to other Muslim sisters on campus?

My advice to all the Muslim sisters is to stay calm, and seek help from Allaah with patience and prayer. They should continue to be dutiful to Allaah as their reward is assured.Verily Allaah is with the patient one.



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