Federal  University  of Agriculture Abeokuta  has banned  niqab  on its campus and the only thing we have seen is lamentation on social media. 

 What has MSSN  become?  Toothless  bulldog. No demonstration by other campuses joining  them?  No protest letter to the Minister  of Education and Executive  Secretary of  NUC.  No press conference  by the B-Zone executive  and the National.  I cry for our beloved  MSSN.  Let them  go into the archives  and  find out the exploits of their progenitors. How  they were dynamic in fighting  for their rights. How did university  authorities succumbed to  allow  sisters wear  hijab in those days.?

You  didn’t  see  on record  nationwide demonstration  by MSSN even to the National  Assembly  at Tafawa  Balewa Square when some enemies of  Islam  were plotting  to remove Sharia  from  the proposed  1979  constitution  and the constitution  drafting Committee had to reverse their illogical  and irresponsible  move? Ishaq Yinka Sanni of blessed  memory (then of Ibadan Polytechnic) led our team to the National Assembly. Nobody gets his right  anywhere in the world  on a platter of gold or through lamentation.  Ask the brothers who planned  the Hijab  demonstration  in Oyo State in 2004 how they were  harrassed and locked up.  It metamorphosed into a general struggle that culminated to the birth of ‘CONCERNED  MUSLIMS’. The struggle  lasted  ten years until Governor  Ajimobi  on the basis of the  constitutional  Human Rights provision  of freedom  of religion  granted  the request  in February  2014.

MSSN must stop playing  the ostrich  and be proactive  in fighting  for the rights of her members.  The hijab issue in FUNAAB is a test case .

God bless  MSSN

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