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Gaza : End the siege and evict their land

World Day for lifting the siege on Gaza

By Abideen Muhammed Ayomide 
The 11 years blockade on Gaza strip,

By the Israelite apartheid regime,

It is all about conspiracy theories,

Leaders of the world are to be blamed.
The state of Gaza is now catastrophic,

We call on Prime Minister to lift the siege, 

The longest siege on the earth,

This is the breaching of our law.
Israelites besiege the Palestine,

Israeli forces refuse to show mercy,

Palestine is the owner of the land,

Who removed them From the map? 
Why are they denied their basic needs,

Why can’t they sleep in their homes,

Why the suffering on their land,

What is the essence of United Nation.
Why stopping us from helping them, 

Why can’t you just allow peace to reign,

When will they gain Independence, 

These questions are crying for sincere answers.
The siege is against international laws,

The siege is against Human Rights,

Israelites should halt all constructions,

And lift the siege on Gaza strip.


#Gaza Siege 


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