Google on Wednesday introduced a new instant messaging (WhatsApp-like) platform called Allo that features Google Assistant which can simplify little tasks for users and offer convenience while chatting or sharing files with a contact.

Allo’s introduction comes close at heels after Google released its slow-networks video chat application called Duo.

Here’s everything you should know about it, including how it works and why you might use it:

Exactly what is Google Allo?
Google explains Allo as a messaging app for Android and iPhone users. However, it does a lot more than simply enabling you to send out messages to other users. It’s a smart messaging app because it has the power of Google built-in and can obviously learn with time. Although the user interface resembles any chat application, the combination of the artificial intelligence takes Allo’s performance and simplicity of use to a brand-new level.

How does Google Allo work?
Just like WhatsApp, Allo is based upon your telephone number, so you can use it to send out messages to anyone in your phone contact – not just other Allo users. Asides that, Google had highlighted 3 elements of Allo that make it distinct eg. Security.

All messages in Allo are encrypted. Allo provides an Incognito Mode, similar to Chrome browser, which means you get access to not just end-to-end encrypted messages. however, functions like expiring chats and personal notifications. You can for that reason keep message safe from spying eyes, you can control for how long they remain and completely erase them from your phone. This implies that not all messages are secured like in WhatsApp. Google wanted to provide options to users on which chats they want to be secured. 

Allo benefits
Allo is connected to your contact number so you can text anybody in your phone book. You can doodle on pictures, ask Google Assistant questions, search for info, and go into an Incognito Mode, and so on. And the very best part is … all of that can get done within this one, totally free app.
Allo likewise works with Google Duo.

Exactly what is Google Duo?
Together with Allo, Google presented an easy video calling app for iOS and Android. It’s called Duo and is created to compete with Apple’s FaceTime and Skype by making the system as simple as possible.
As well as including end-to-end encryption, Duo will work on even sluggish, low bandwidth web connections. It likewise sports an ingenious new function Google is calling Knock Knock. This allows Duo to reveal live previews before you pick the call. Google has actually made sure that the technology is very fast.

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