Popular Islamic preacher, Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi has warned of an impending plot to cause chaos at the Sultan Bello Mosque in Kaduna.

Sheikh Gumi raised concerns over a plot by Emir of Zazzau to cause chaos by appointing a chief Imam at the Sultan Bello Mosque.

The Islamic cleric in a statement, according to Leadership, has complained over the external interference over who emerges as the Imam of the mosque.

Gumi warned that the process of electing a new Imam should be handled with caution, noting that over the years, activities at the mosque stirs serious issue of intense security concern.

He called on the governments to take good counsel and repeal the imposition of a Chief Imam for the mosque for security concerns, peace and stability of the mosque, the state and the nation at large.

He said: “On Thursday, 13th October, we heard that the Emir of Zazzau has appointed Dr. Khalid of JNI as the Chief Imam of the mosque knowing full well that this man was among those behind the previous false security alerts against me. Dr. Khalid has been known to be scheming for such an Imam position in the mosque as insignificant as it may appear compared to the post of the Sec-Gen of the JNI showing a definite pattern of conspiracy the extent of which only Allah knows.

“The success of the mosque has been tremendous; it has remained a source of spiritual guidance from its inception. The message is the universal pristine practice of Islam and the participation of Muslims in all useful fields of human endeavour. For that reason myself as the son of the inspirational leader Sheikh Abubakar Muhammad Gumi, has joined the Nigerian Army in recognition of the national institutions, a graduate of Human Medicine in recognition that Boko is not Haram. It is only active politics which the school encourages that I personally don’t have any ambition or intent to venture into.”

Gumi described alleged imposition of Dr. Khalid as a source of concern because such an imposition is un-Islamic and replete with problems.

“I have publicly stated in the same mosque as a religious verdict that election of eligible candidates by religious laws is what will bring not only peace but legitimacy as the Hadith has condemned the Imam-ship of any congregation by imposition without consultation of the congregation, and such an imposition is un-Islamic and replete with problems,” he said.

Gumi said the mosque has over the years incur opposition and even enmity from different quarters within and outside which is a natural thing since even prophets are never free of such antagonism.

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