YLagos State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board has concluded arrangement for the sale of 2017 Hajj Forms. The sales of the Hajj forms for the 2017 Hajj exercise will commence on 7th November, 2016.

Each form will attract a sum of Ten Thousand Naira and an initial deposit of One Million Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N1.2Million), irrespective of the package and scheme adopted by the intending Pilgrim.

Lagos State Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr. Abdulhakeem Abdullateef disclosed this recently during a meeting with the staff of Lagos State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board in Ikeja.

Dr. Abdullateef explained that the state has introduced some reforms and schemes such as “Pay Small- Small”, Regular Standard, “Lagos International” and other initiatives to enhance the success of Hajj exercise in 2017.

This package provides an opportunity for the intending pilgrims to pay in installments, depending on the arrangement adopted by the pilgrim. “Pay a sum of fifty thousand naira only (N50, 000.00) per week for a period of six months or pay a sum of two hundred thousand naira only (N200, 000.00) monthly for six months”. You would have succeeded in making up for the initial deposit of One Million, two hundred thousand naira (N 1.2 Million) as initial deposit.

Lagos International is a fresh scheme introduced by the State. This scheme will allow intending pilgrims to choose the date of arrival on the completion of the Hajj exercise. Pilgrims on this package are expected to purchase a return ticket on their own bill to enable them leave the holy land ahead of other pilgrims.

“The Regular Standard” is the normal package of the Lagos State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board. Intending pilgrims on this package are expected to spend the standard number of days for the Hajj exercise in the holy land.

The board has also introduced a screening exercise to select religious clerics who are to guide pilgrims during the 2017 Hajj exercise. Hence, qualified Islamic Clerics who intends to volunteer for the 2017 Hajj exercise are invited to submit their applications to the board. The Commissioner assured all intending applicants that selection of Clerics (Ulamas) would be based on merit and competence.

Dosunmu Jamiu
Head, Public Affairs Unit
Lagos State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board.

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